America is creeping toward pagan nationalism

The panic regarding the threat of Christian nationalism is actually one big smoke screen.  In reality, the default state religion of our day more closely resembles a type of neo-pagan nationalism. 

Dr. Peter Jones describes it thus

  1. Common moral binaries of the past, like normative heterosexual marriage and male-female distinctions, are denied.
  2. Anti-biblical morality is imposed on all (e.g., the Biden administration has accused parents who do not want their children taught Marxist Critical Race Theory or radical gender philosophy of being "terrorists").
  3. Controlling and punishing public speech is a laudable moral value.
  4. The central philosophies behind the founding of the country are rejected.
  5. The growing politicization of sexual morals and rejection of traditional governing principles are leading us down a path to the normalization of "pagan nationalism." 

A land without a law giving designer will eventually devolve into hedonism.*  A pleasure-driven, dependent society is ripe for tyrannical rule and widespread oppression. 

The territorial goals of the progressive pagan reflects a disregard for the sanctity and design of the image-bearer as chief object of special creation.  Rather, the preservation and promotion of lower things will prevail at the expense of living souls meant to fellowship with a divine, sovereign deity.  Agenda 2030 vividly represents this neo-pagan mission, where the will of the people is subverted and subjugated on behalf of the power elite. 

The myth of religious neutrality is easy to recognize once the dogmatic groupthink of the pagan mind begins to take hold of all things.  To be shunned and penalized by the lords of neo-paganism is swiftly becoming the new normal.  It's all part of a social engineered reset of society, where arbitrary rule and civil enslavement reign.  Is this progress?  That's for you to decide.

There remains a better and more faithful way.  It's a way worth staking our lives on.  The future of our loved ones is worth fighting for.  At the very least, we should not be silent. 

*There is a categorical difference between God and creation, which theologians often call the Creator-creature distinction.

Image via Pixabay.

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