Thank the Supremes for arming the good guys

When I listen to the cacophony of irate liberals remonstrating against the Supreme Court's decision on gun control, I'm reminded once again that they are not on the side of law-abiding people.

Basically, what the Supremes did in this ruling is give people the constitutional right to defend themselves in a country that has become consumed by violent predators.  The left, whose members like to refer to themselves as "progressives," has shown no progress in protecting innocent people from the well armed savages who have taken over the streets of numerous cities.  Homicide, rape, robbery, and felonious assault are now commonplace occurrences, mainly in cities and states governed by these left-wing radicals, who never utter a word against the hoodlums — who, incidentally, couldn't care less about court decisions.

It causes me to wonder what type of logic is being used by those who denounce the rights of the lawful to defend themselves against the lawless. My conclusion is that there must be something twisted in the psyche of the modern leftist!  Why would someone be too squeamish to condemn the daily carnage by gunfire in urban areas?  Is it because most of the murders are committed by blacks?  Are they so afraid of offending their political base that they would suppress most of the news relating to the epidemic of black-on-black crime?  Would they be equally constrained in their coverage if whites were killing whites in the same percentages?  How about if whites were killing blacks in those numbers?

According to statistics, the overwhelming number of blacks in the inner cities are decent and law-abiding.  That's what makes them easy victims to the gun-toting gangstas who rule their neighborhoods.  How does a workingman protect himself from a punk with a gun who demands his wallet?  The simple reality of such a situation is that the gunman has the upper hand against the unarmed victim.  Moreover, if the hand that points the gun is attached to a sociopath, compliance with the demand may not be enough to save the victim's life.  So what chance does the good guy have against the bad guy with a semi-automatic pointed at his chest?  The guy with the gun has the power of life and death over the guy with nothing but lint in his pocket.

This Supreme Court decision gave the victim a chance to survive an encounter with a killer.  Ask yourself why the left doesn't want that.  Leftists will say there are already too many guns on the street, while omitting the fact that most guns currently "on the street," which means being used to commit crimes, are illegal.  Therefore, this ruling merely gives good people a fighting chance against bad people.  Those who can now legally carry guns will not be running through the streets, firing them at unarmed citizens.  Perhaps they'll be the ones firing back at the psychotic killers, who have no regard for human life.  That lack of respect is evident in the hysteria demonstrated by gun control fanatics.  It seems as though they fear that blacks will kill blacks in self-defense, an action they won't be able to turn into racial incidents.  The news cycle suffers if it doesn't have racial division as the main issue.

That's the reason it's a front-page story whenever a white cop shoots a black man during a violent arrest situation.  When officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, who was trying to take the officer's gun, the left said it was racism.  If Brown, a husky young man who was known in the area as a bully, had taken Wilson's gun and killed him with it, the media would have made excuses for the murderer, perhaps even made a hero out of him.  Wilson would have been buried and forgotten by everyone except his family.  Sadly, thugs have become bolder and more violent because the have no fear of the police.

Meanwhile, law-abiding folks feel more threatened than ever.  They watch videos of homicides, rapes, robberies, and vicious assaults occurring at all hours of the day and night.  They don't feel safe in the street, the subway, the grocery, or any other area that used to be considered secure for the civilized among us.  Nevertheless, with all the imminent peril surrounding us, the government, which has shown its inability to protect us, has tried to keep us from protecting ourselves.

Not anymore!  From now on, thugs will realize that legally armed citizens are fed up with being victimized and are willing and able to shoot back.  

Image via Pexels.

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