Thank goodness! We've finally learned Kamala Harris's pronouns

Kamala Harris attended a meeting with disability rights leaders and promptly made a fool of herself by announcing her pronouns and telling what color suit she's wearing.  By doing so, she was copying two obnoxious leftist trends and outing herself as a follower who can never be a serious leader.

I don't need to tell you about the "announcing of the pronouns" trend because that's been sickening us for years now.  Another less common trend is for speakers to describe a little bit about their skin and hair coloring and their clothes for the visually impaired.  I have friends who are blind, and I find it difficult to believe that this brief description really matters to them for the simple reason that, by virtue of being blind, they inhabit a mental world that usually isn't big on colors.  Theirs is more of an auditory world than a visual one.

These little announcements are pure virtue-signaling, highlighting the speaker's exquisite sensitivity.  They're also a good way to force the issue of race on people who, by rights, don't need to be burdened by such considerations.  (Just think of Dave Chappelle's brilliant black white supremacist shtick.)

To set the scene, everyone at the meeting was doing the pronouns and self-description shtick:

Had Kamala been a real leader, she wouldn't have played that game.  After all, everyone knows that she was on the 2020 Democrat ticket solely because she is a woman with brown skin.  She also has a distinctive voice, which I always think of as Fran Drescher if Drescher were stoned.  Kamala needed only to introduce herself by name for everyone, seeing or blind, to know all they needed to know about her.  But that's not what Kamala did:

That was not the act of a leader.  What Kamala did was pure follower.  That one sentence, with nothing more — that is, ignoring her lack of charm, intelligence, ability, etc. — should forever bar her from higher office.

Back in the day, Obama offered the risible claim that he was "leading from behind," but Kamala isn't making even a pretense of leading.  She's the back end of the horse following along at the very rear of the parade.  As Bugs Bunny would have said, "What a maroon.  What an ignoranimus.  What a ta-ra-ra-goom-di-ay."

Image from Twitter.

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