Stephen Colbert's staff gets the white glove treatment from the DOJ

A nation cannot withstand a two-tiered justice system or an arbitrary and capricious justice system.  Eventually, the people on the downside of such a system decide to take the law into their own hands.  That way lies anarchy and the end of a nation.  That inevitability is what makes so inexplicable the Biden Justice Department's increasingly open embrace of a double standard: if you're for the Democrats, you've got a perpetual "get out of jail free" card.  If you're a Trump-supporter, it's to the dungeons with you.  The latest example of this approach is the DOJ's announcement that it will not be prosecuting the nine Stephen Colbert staff members who illegally traipsed around the Capitol building.

We're all familiar with the history of January 6.  We know about the way in which people who attended Trump's rally were skillfully directed to the Capitol by Antifa activists and, almost certainly, government operatives.  We know how signage and fencing showing people they were trespassing was removed by people with seemingly professional skills.  We know how the Capitol Police invited people into the building, something even the increasingly manic and unhinged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently admitted.

And of course, we know what's happened to Trump's supporters since January 6.  The FBI has been doing sweeps all over the country, treating vets, grannies, politicians, businessmen, and others as if they're dangerous drug kingpins.

Just the other day, Pamela Hemphill, a 69-year-old grandmother with cancer and an impeccable record of being a law-abiding citizen, was sent to prison for two months for daring to enter the Capitol.  Just yesterday, Thomas Lifson described the "ridiculous overkill" — approximately 100 agents, a helicopter, flashbangs, etc. — to raid a retired Texas couple's home because they were near the Capitol on January 6.  Meanwhile, dozens of political prisoners continue to languish in the D.C. gulag without charges or a speedy trial.

Image: Stephen Colbert lovingly campaigns for Biden.  YouTube screen grab.

That's one standard of justice. It's a bit different if you work for Stephen Colbert's show.  That's the show that doesn't even make a pretense of humor anymore.  It simply exists as the official mouthpiece for the Biden administration and the DNC.

Last month, nine members of Stephen Colbert's staff were arrested for unlawfully running around the halls of the Capitol building — which is more than that Texas couple did.  There is no doubt about the fact that the nine members illegally trespassed in the Capitol.  Nevertheless, they get a pass.  The excuse given is that staffers invited these people in and it was, therefore, irrelevant that the Capitol Police told the Colbert employees they were behaving illegally by wandering unescorted around those sacred halls (to hear Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk refer to those halls):

That this is completely bogus is manifest from the fact that ordinary Americans, without the Colbert cachet, entered the Capitol at the invitation of the Capitol Police and were still harassed; prosecuted; and driven to despair, bankruptcy, imprisonment, and even suicide.  (And that doesn't even count those whom the Capitol police shot or beat to death.)

The Biden administration has completely weaponized the so-called "Justice" Department.  Merrick Garland's DOJ does not make any pretense of applying the law even-handedly.  Over the past 18 months, his agency has shown itself to be increasingly indistinguishable from any totalitarian law enforcement and "justice" agency.

American people have known liberty for over two hundred years.  It remains to be seen how long they'll tolerate this type of "Injustice" Department and how the dam will break.  The thought of that dam breaking terrifies me, so I very much hope that wiser heads start prevailing at the DOJ.  Someone needs to remind the employees there that ours is a constitutional legal system, not a tyranny.

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