One week's headlines reveals deep and pervasive dysfunction in American culture

Last week, the following articles were published in various news sources in America.

In them is revealed some of what has gone dangerously wrong in American culture. All reveal a deeply dysfunctional, deliberately chaotic, and pathetically nihilistic country gone off the rails thanks to progressive policies emanating from this White House, Democrat operatives, "progressives," and sympathizers. Everything is precisely backward from what it should be were the country psychologically, spiritually, and politically healthy. 

We have the American military, once the finest fighting force on the planet, being forced to accept and embrace transgenderism in the shower, the most intimate place a person could be with others.  We cannot fight a war to defend our people and our soil when the fighting force is split along a sexual and gender fault.

We have the White House and Democrat politicians who are fine with harassing and protesting, violently if necessary, SCOTUS justices who voted in a way that is distasteful to progressives. This goes against the American idea that in politics you win some and you lose some. The Left believe they should always win. This is political narcissism, unhealthy at best, freedom-killing at worst.

We have our president selling oil from America’s strategic reserves to Europe at the very time when our oil prices here in America are skyrocketing due to a shortage in supply which in itself is due to Biden & Co. shutting down our own production to placate the green agenda. Our reserves are reserved for America. That is why they are called reserves.

We have two illegal aliens plotting a July 4th massacre on our soil. One was given a measly $15,000 bail. The other was simply charged with being in possession of a firearm as an alien. Were they January 6 protestors, they would have been given life behind bars.

Meanwhile, a law-abiding store owner in New York City, who killed an assailant in self-defense is given $250,000 bail, later cut to a still overly high $50,000. What promoted this deadly altercation? The perp's girlfriend was refused service buying a bag of chips because the debit card she used was invalid. The woman called her boyfriend into the store who assaulted the shopkeeper who was forced to defend himself. The perp gets killed in the process but the store owner is painted as the one at fault. This is exactly backwards. 

An America-hating Olympic sports star was just given the Medal of Freedom by Joe Biden. For what, exactly? Hating America. Since when is it reasonable to reward our enemies who openly speak out against our country? Our highest civilian award was just given to a woman who hates her country but refuses to leave it.

You have a California State University East Bay professor, G.T. Reyes, writing a "love letter" on critical whiteness studies, calling for his teachers to eliminate whiteness with prejudice.  How this should be done is explained in detail in the Breitbart article and in the incoherent abstract of the letter itself. It's frightening in its irrationality. Some examples:

intentional healing rooted in humanizing, revolutionary, and decolonial love…

I am writing you a love letter. However, I do not speak of the kind of love that is dominantly seen through the lens of heteropatriarchy and whiteness… [that is a] reduced form of love…

…students of Color learn to hate themselves when whiteness is left intact by white teachers.

(For a horrifying expansion on this, read this month-old incomprehensible opacity at Breitbart titled ‘Whiteness’ Is a ‘Malignant, Parasitic-Like Condition’. It is not simply deliberate race-baiting in the guise of helping racial comity, it is hideously evil at its core while being positively Delphic in composition.)

You have a drag queen activist admitting that the goal of "drag queen story hour" and other drag events is actually what normals (hat tip Kurt Schlichter) have been warning it is — a pedophilic way to indoctrinate very young, malleable children into sexual activities for salacious purposes.

Finally, you have a United States senator saying that crisis pregnancy centers, which usually offer ultrasounds and pre-natal advice rather than abortions, should be essentially eliminated. She believes that killing a baby in the uterus is far better than having a baby. She also sagely opined that the people who run these crisis centers are "people who wish them [pregnant women] harm." It is irrational to believe that an abortion is harmless and to be desired but that pregnancy and a live birth is "harmful."

This all happened in a single week. Our culture is inside-out and upside down. What is, shouldn’t be. What shouldn’t be, is rewarded. Irritability is becoming violence. Losing an argument becomes an existential threat to the loser who retaliates with martial hostility. The irrational is lauded as innovative. The perverse is celebrated as diverse. What is unjust has become commonplace.

Thank God even many Democrats are now alarmed. We are speeding toward the bubbling abyss with mainly conservatives astride the chasm yelling STOP!

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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