Leopards don't change their spots

Time-honored sayings are not necessarily to be dismissed as knee-jerk clichés.  They could equally serve to provide insights into character defects.  Consider, in this regard, the honesty-challenged demagogic representative from California, Mr. Adam Schiff.

Breitbart provided a portion of the transcript of Schiff's remarks on the CBS News program Face the Nation.  Breitbart focused on Schiff's assertion that former president Donald J. Trump must be prosecuted — or, arguably, the heavens will fall.

There is no indication, however, that CBS News propagandist Margaret Brennan asked this of the disinformation-prone Schiff: "During Mr. Trump's tenure in the White House, you claimed to have evidence that the president colluded with Russia.  That having been untrue, why should your latest denunciations of the now former president be taken seriously because, as you know, it is often a truism that 'leopards don't change their spots'?"

But of course it was not to be expected that Brennan would challenge Schiff on his anti-Trump lies.  Wherever leftists to be found — in government, in the media, in corporate suites, in academia, in the entertainment world — they never change their spots.  

It is, therefore, unthinkable that a leftist like Margaret Brennan would challenge a leftist like Adam Schiff when it comes to anti-Trump statements.  For the Trump-hater it is a sign of courage to spread anti-Trump lies, disinformation, and hearsay in the frenzied campaign to keep the American people in thrall to the self-anointed elites who are convinced they must prosper on the sacrifices of the people.

Signs of courage, however, appear whenever, wherever a patriot challenges the lies of the anti-democracy crowd.  In this connection, may the insult to the Constitution known as the January 6 House Select Committee be seen, sooner than later,  as the creation by Speaker Pelosi of seven Democrats and two Republicans, all of them Trump-haters, for the invidious purpose of serving as quasi­­–grand jury to urge the partisan attorney general, and the American people, to put in the dock a former president whose guiding light was his inspiration to make America great again and bring prosperity and good health to every American.

Image: Louise Palanker.

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