It's not just America that's gone crazy with LGBT madness

A Twitter thread takes readers through the story of two parents in Famalicão, Portugal, who tried to keep their sons out of a "citizenship" class that included "gender equality" lessons.  The state went after them with a vengeance.  It's what many "educators" in America would probably like to do but, for the time being, haven't yet tried.

William Cacusso's Twitter thread is here, but it's a little confusing.  I'll write it as a narrative instead.

Two years ago, in the small town of Famalicão, two parents refused to let their boys, both the equivalent of straight A students in America, attend a "citizenship" class at their school.  Although called "citizenship," the class actually included "education for gender equality" and "education for sexuality & health."  Here's one of the images that's used in teaching those classes:

Despite the boys missing that specific class, the school's class council, which determines whether students have qualified to leave one grade and ascend to the next, concluded that the boys were exemplary students who deserved to be promoted.  According to Cacusso, "[t]he class council is sovereign and cannot be hierarchically surpassed by the school board."

Stymied by this sovereignty, the school board, which resented any refusal to learn that gender is a social construct, took matters to the state and, more specifically, to João Costa, the education minister.  Costa used his authority to annul the class council's decision to promote the boys.  By the time this order came down, enough time had passed that the boys had to go back two years and redo every single class.

Ironically, even as Costa was failing the boys, his education ministry was working hard to get schools to pass everyone, if at all possible.  The point was to reduce statistics showing students failing.  (Cacusso implies that the purpose is to keep immigrants from messing with the school's metrics for promoting students.)

The parents wrote to several ministers and even the president of the Portuguese republic.  No one helped them, so they finally sued.  At that point, people sat up and took notice.  The court sided with the parents, who had argued that they had conscientious objector status but were being persecuted.

The court, therefore, ordered that the students were to pass to their appropriate level and gave the education minister 10 days to protest.  Meanwhile, Parliament summoned the secretary of state "to answerfor this 'authoritarian order.'"

So the two boys are back in their normal class, where they belong.  However, at the end of the year, the school failed them for not taking their citizenship class.  Moreover, the judge who had first ruled in the boys' favor retroactively reversed the order.  And here's the kicker, showing how dangerous and vindictive bureaucrats are when crossed:

The Public Ministry decided simultaneously to sue the parents and sent social security employees to "evaluate" the "household situation" of the minors. Nasty stuff. By this time the case was international and portuguese right leaning politicians were organising protests.

Eventually, because the media were starting to pay attention, someone inside the ministry of education mandated that the boys (again) be allowed to attend school at their educationally appropriate grade level.  The grateful parents also asked the Commission for the Protection of Children (the equivalent of Child Protective Services here) and the Public Ministry to drop the suit against them.

Instead, this year, the Public Ministry moved for an order allowing it to remove the children from their parents.  Here are the tweets regarding that motion:

All this because the parents didn't want the boys to be taught LGBT sexuality...

There is no creature more vicious than a thwarted bureaucrat and that toxin multiplies madly when the bureaucracy is implementing LGBT or racial ideology within its school systems.  The powers that be have figured out that these two ideologies destroy students' individuality and keep white-hot resentment in the community, both of which provide endless opportunities for complete government control.

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