Family Matters

Because the family structure is foundational to society’s continuation, those who wish to favor globalism over the American identity must destroy the family. That’s because the family is one of the three main legs supporting our country and society. The other two are our Constitution and our belief in a higher power. All three are under severe attack.

Understanding The Big Picture keeps it in perspective. Remember that every tiny issue is important. For the left, it’s all interrelated, and nothing is “standalone.”

Leftism requires that children get indoctrinated before their internal truth detectors form. This is best done in early childhood, while the child is vulnerable to authority figures’ influence. This is the reason for pushing LGBTQ grooming in K-3rd grades. Programming young subconscious minds with ideas that identify formerly deviant practices as “normal,” means educators are complicit in corrupting both our kids and our society (and they’re opening the door for pedophiles, with the left pushing for the normalization). This is a key element in collapsing the family in the next generation, because these children, when they’re adults, will have no filters.

The family structure is foundational to society’s continuance because it transmits societal norms, beliefs, civility, and morality—i.e. our American culture—to the next generation through parental nurturing. Disrupting this parental guidance for only one generation makes the collapse probable.

The actions of major corporations pushing the woke message compound the collapse. Disney is the most visible trespasser because of its attempt to overturn the anti-grooming bill in Florida schools and its activism in all things LGBTQ. Many other prominent large corporations (Apple, Amazon, Nike, just to name three) are openly involved. The question becomes why?

Image: Proud drag queen teacher. Twitter screen grab.

Answer: Because they are also part of the globalist movement, either by choice or fear. This means that the effort to destroy the family goes much deeper than even your local school boards. And it will take much more effort to fix it. Websites such as The Unwoke are providing information and methodologies for pushing back—and there’s a lot against which we need to push back.

Leftists have redefined “woman” (one half of the marital team) to a term that no one can define—and yet, we don’t stand up and say “nonsense!” We force women’s sports to accept male competitors, who strip naked in women’s showers and locker rooms, exposing their appendages, all while taking all the prizes. We talk about “nursing fathers” as if we are merely saying “the sky is blue.” The child who shouted, “The Emperor has no clothes” had it right. Do we have to wait for our children to save our families and us?

That same societal illness is broadcast into libraries that hold Drag Queen Story hours for impressionable kids. It appears when leftist school boards build curricula to teach indoctrinate K-3rd grade kids into deciding what their gender is and coaching them to change. And in most cases, the teachers dutifully instruct the kids “don’t tell your parents” about it, further wrecking family integrity. All this occurs while the school attacks the normal and historical family structure of one father, one mother, and children as “white privilege” that is unfair to others.

So, what do we do? We must take off the “nice” gloves and stop trying to be accommodating and civil with people who only have our destruction in mind. We cannot permit our culture and society to be twisted to support, endorse, or permit deviant behaviors being taught to our children as “normal.” No one has a right to remake our society in a way that damages its very fabric.

It is time we take non-violent action to stop this madness by calling it out for what it is; namely, deviance that is destroying a key support pillar of America. Start saying “no” in a loud voice.

Those promoting this are pure evil or mentally ill. Or both. Either way, they do not have the right to “fundamentally change” what 250 years of growth and success have produced, nor do they have the right to claim any part of it for their devious ends.

And they definitely do not have the right to touch our children.

Lewis Dovland is the nom de guerre of a passionate observer of America’s future direction with a focus on exposing the “Big Picture” end goals of the progressive Marxist movement and how we can prevail. Email at

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