Enough with the doom and gloom — we've got this

I've been writing a lot about how the Dems have painted themselves into a corner.  It is beyond fun to contemplate how badly they've cooked their own geese for the next two election cycles.  It's also a reason for us conservatives to have some optimism.  We've been yearning for an American reset for some time, and the Dems have been working unwittingly to provide it (is there any kind of Dem but a witless one?).  Maybe conservatives actually have an opportunity to make it happen — if we don't pass on this rare chance.

That brings me to some interesting email I've been receiving.

I've gotten a fair amount of negative email from readers.  They aren't bothered by my assessment of how badly the Dems have screwed everything up.  They're bothered by my level of optimism.  A composite of these emails would read something like this:

The Democrats are evil geniuses.  They have corrupted everything, and there will never be another fair election.  Even if we do get Republicans elected, they're all a bunch of Vichy cowards and will do nothing to stop our march toward socialism.  America is finished.

For everyone who feels that way, I have a couple of questions.  What's your plan, Sparky?  Do you care enough to do something besides whine about it?  The pessimists in the conservative camp need to make a choice, and I see only four options.

Option 1 would be to cast a protest vote.  I get it — a choice between a RINO and a Democrat feels like no choice at all.  I don't think it will happen, but my worst nightmare is going into the voting booth in 2024 and seeing a choice between Romney and Obama (Michelle this time).  Thanks, Utah.

Unfortunately, some conservatives will go the protest route.  They will vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance of actually winning.  The Democrats would love for a large number of conservatives to take that option — which should convince those same conservatives that it would be a huge mistake.

In 1992, faced with a choice between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, 19,743,821 principled protesters voted for Ross Perot and delivered the presidency to Bill Clinton.  They certainly made their dissatisfaction with the choices known.  But they also empowered the corrupt Clinton dynasty, which still plagues American politics 30 years later.  Some Democrats are even talking about another Hillary run in 2024.  Others want Chelsea to get into politics.  It gives me night terrors just thinking about it.  So how did that protest vote from 30 years ago work out for America?  Wasn't so harmless, was it?

The "we're doomed" crowd could take non-electoral action — and no, I don't mean revolution.  Option 2 would be to amend the Constitution to redirect America's course.  Article V of the Constitution provides the states with a means to do it without the help of our RINOs in Washington, D.C.  It's a powerful tool that was endorsed by the late Justice Scalia.  One group, Convention of States Action, is pursuing this option, and they're more than halfway to making it happen.  However, it would be naïve to think an amendment, without good leadership, could fix what ails the country.  Just think about the damage a few Supreme Court appointments from President Ocasio-Cortez could do.

My impression is that the default plan of the doomsayers is option 3: surrender.  Stop voting or supporting the Republicans and just give up.  One of my business mentors, a retired Army colonel, told me that in any conflict, the winner is selected by the loser.  When one party stops fighting, it awards the win to the other party.  Those who think America isn't worth the effort anymore can go back to their Big Bang Theory reruns and wait to get the daily government talking points on the 10:00 nightly Tass broadcast.  But when they're saddened at the sight of their children growing up in an America without freedom, they'll have nobody to blame but themselves.  They will never know if their votes could have made the difference.

Option 4 is to soldier on.  Show up at the polls every Election Day (including primary elections) and vote smartly.  As for the argument that we'll never have another fair election — we don't need fair elections.  We need conservatives elected.  There will always be cheating, but if our margin of victory is big enough, the cheating will not be able to steal the election.

I recommend that we follow the guidance of William F. Buckley, Jr.: vote for the most conservative candidate who can win.  That means that we have to accept that some candidates from the west coast or the northeast will need to be somewhat more moderate than candidates from Texas or Idaho.  But the Democrats have bollixed things up so badly that I suspect some very conservative candidates can, and will, win in the next two elections.

Those of us choosing option 4 need to get out to the primaries and vote for the most conservative candidates available.  Then we need to show up for the general election and do it all over again.

As you have probably guessed, I've chosen option 4 for myself.  The next two election cycles are going to be HUUUGE for conservatives.  There is no way I'm going to miss out on being a part of that.

And as long as we've decided to soldier on, let's do it with enthusiasm and optimism.  The more confidence we project, the more likely it will be that the leftists will become dispirited and take their own option 3.  Given the news lately, they're getting pretty dispirited already — thanks to President Gremlin.  As an added bonus, if we're joyous while beating them, it will drive them absolutely bonkers.  We all need to stop whining, put on a happy face, and engage!

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He has written for American ThinkerAmerican Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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