Biden’s mendacious NATO press conference

President Biden just wrapped up his press conference at the conclusion of the NATO Summit in Madrid, and he stated a number of gross, bald-faced lies – again.

Here are some of the worst ones:

Biden claimed he said the following a year ago in Geneva when both met there face to face:

0:53 – ...Before the (Ukraine) war started, I told Putin that if he invaded Ukraine, NATO would not only get stronger, but would get more united...

FACT CHECK TIME: That is a whopping lie.

Biden in fact met Putin face-to-face in Geneva a year before.  The topic of Ukraine did come up, but not any invasion.

Why would it have?  Biden has recently admitted that Putin told him in Geneva that he adamantly insisted that NATO place no missiles in Ukraine, and that Ukraine must never join NATO.  Biden said that he told Putin he could oblige him on the missiles, but the issue of NATO membership for Ukraine would be very difficult for him to agree to.

When the two men met in Geneva at the end of June 2021, nothing was happening in Ukraine other than the same brushfire border dispute in Donbas that had been going on since 2014.  There was no massive Russian mobilization on Ukraine’s borders and the thought of a massive Russian invasion was unthinkable.

Arguably, it was Biden’s admitted openness to NATO membership for Ukraine which provoked Putin into making the invasion.

Biden’s press conference claim is impossible and never happened.

This next falsehood is either sheer mendacity or is a clear sign of mental deterioration.  All verbiage is verbatim.

2:09 – ...Some in the American press will remember when I got a phone call, from the leader of Finland (President Sauli Niinistö) saying, could he come and see me, and he came the next day, and he said, will you support, my joining, my country joining NATO we got in the telephone he suggested we call, the leader of, of Switzerland – Switzerland, my good my goodness I’m I’m getting really anxious here, about expanding NATO – i’was Sweden, and what happened was, we got on the phone and she (Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson) zasked if she could come the next day, to want to talk about joining NATO...

FACT CHECK TIME: That is another falsehood.  As this White House archived tape will show, on May 19, both of these Scandinavian leaders appeared together in person at the White House.

This press conference was another of those choreographed, staged, pre-scripted fake news events where fake “reporters” were called by name to ask pre-arranged fake “questions.”  Associated Press got the first fake “question,” and “asked” whether, in the spate of controversial news out of the United States as of late, if world leaders are wondering whether the United States is “going backward.”

Biden made a silly, false remark about the US inflation rates (sic).

...We have the strongest economy in the world; our inflation rates are lower than other nations in the world...but inflation is higher in almost every country...

That too is not only a lie; it’s a stupid lie, because it is so easily rebutted.

According to Trading Economics, here are the rates of inflation of about 17 major polities in the world at this time:

  • Saudi Arabia, 2.2%
  • Japan, 2.5%
  • Switzerland, 2.9%
  • Australia, 5.1%
  • South Korea, 5.4%
  • Singapore, 5.6%
  • France, 5.8%
  • South Africa, 6.5%
  • Italy, 6.8%
  • India, 7.04%
  • Germany, 7.6%
  • Mexico, 7.65%
  • Canada, 7.7%
  • Euro zone, 8.1%
  • Netherlands, 8.8%
  • UK, 9.1%

Beyond these major lies, it wouldn’t be a proper Biden event without howlers of Bidenism gaffes.  Here are a few:

0:18 – ...Uh, I think we can all DEGREE that this has been an historic NATO Summit...

4:33 – ...And all this is against a backdrop of, our response to NATO’s to Russia’s aggression...

In this next Bidenism, this isn’t the first time Biden has committed this particular malapropism...

8:28 – ...Putin thought, he could break, the transatlantic alliance.  He tried to weaken us.  He expected our resolve to fracture, but he’s getting exactly what he did not want.  He wanted the FINDALIZATION of NATO...

13:20 – ...So, we are going to stick with Ukraine and all the alliance that will stick with Ukraine as long as it takes, to in fact make sure that, they are not defeated, by, uh, by UKRAINE – ah me escuse me, in in Ukraine, by uh, by by Russia...

Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

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