Biden's cheap COVID shots against Trump

On Day 5, President Biden emerged from his medically imposed isolation in his Basement Bertha Bidenism Batcave Bunker to go outside into the Rose Garden to announce he'd tested negative for China virus and was again up 'n at 'em, fit and rarin' to go.  In the process, he took a few vicious, unnecessary, mostly false, and totally gratuitous shots at Donald Trump.

It's too bad for Brandon that recovery from China virus doesn't include recovery from his own, prolonged bout with Hoof-in-Mouth Disease.  He started off his announcement like this, and, as usual, all spoken words are verbatim.

0:40 – ...God fankfully, fank God willing, there was my symptoms were mild...

Brandon then contrasted the various treatment modalities that exist now with what existed on his Inauguration Day.  He painted a picture of enormous differences.  It is useful to state them and summarize them, because he then will contrast his own experience with China virus with Donald Trump's experience in October 2020.

2:21 – ...What's different now is our ability to protect ourselves from serious illness, due to COVID.  In fact, that's radically different today than it was just a year ago..."

2:37 – ... COVID deass are down nearly 90%, and when I took office, dat's 90% difference fordze today, and when I took office...That's what's new in COVID response, different from where we were, just a year ago...

Brandon then went on to say what his own administration has done that wasn't done a year ago: booster shots, at-home tests, and easy-to-obtain treatments.

Brandon claimed he had a very mild case for these reasons.  His own variant, ba5, is a weaker variant of the omicron variant, itself weaker than the original China virus.

Brandon also said, if you had two jabs and two boosters as he did at over age 50, the chances of getting a severe case are very low.

Remember all that.

4:59 – ...Third, treatments: If you're (your?) test positive, you have a new powerful we have a new prowful treatment called...
Paxlivid  ...

5:23 – ...The FDA, even put in a special rule so many pharmacists, can prescribe these, th-this particular drug...

5:34 – ...Millions of American have used
Paxlivoid ,
Paxlivid ,
excuse me, Paxlovid ...

5:42 – ...I tell you what, I think I I think it's I used it...

Brandon then said this drug reduces the risk of death and hospitalization by 90%.  Remember that, too.

6:02 – ...And we move (present tense) quickly to make it widely available...

And now came the cheap shots against Donald Trump.

6:24 – ...And here's the bottom line: When my predecessor (Trump, of course) got COVID, he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center.  He was severely ill.  Thankfully, he recovered.  When I got COVID, I worked from upstairs to the White House, and the office is upstairs and uh for the that 5-day period.  The difference is vaccinations of course...

There is so much wrong with this disgusting remark.

1. Donald Trump was not very seriously ill.  Mr. Burgandy posted this video (1:06 mark) of Trump easily walking out of the White House when he had contracted the original, more lethal form of China virus, to board the helicopter to take him to Walter Reed Medical Center.  Judging from Trump's ability to walk freely when he went into the hospital and his discharge a few days later, his hospitalization was more cautious than therapeutic.

2. Presidents seldom ride street-level limousines.  They take helicopters almost everywhere they go.  Holding this against Trump therefore is just another cheap shot.

I'm not sure which Walter Reed facility Trump went to.  There is a Walter Reed Army Medical Center barely inside the city limits of D.C., nestled between Rock Creek Park and Silver Spring, Md.  It is 5.6 miles from the White House.  There is also the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.  It is 8 miles from the White House.  Either way, a legitimate helicopter ride for any President.

3. Except for Trump's three-night stay in Walter Reed, he too worked out of the White House even while he too was sick. 

4. Brandon had the ba5 variant, which is a weak variant of the omicron parent variant.  Trump by contrast suffered with the original, far stronger and deadlier original variant; it therefore stands to reason that he reasonably was hospitalized and Brandon not, especially given the lack of treatment modalities at the time.

5. As Brandon himself noted, he'd been the beneficiary of numerous forms of treatment, including all vaccinations, all of which were denied to Trump.  Brandon had:

  • Two inoculations of vaccines
  • Two boosters
  • Brandon himself admitted that anyone over 50 who has two jabs and two boosters has a very low risk of becoming gravely ill.
  • Brandon took Paxlovid, which was denied Trump.

Brandon's comparison of Trump's case to his own is therefore patently dishonest.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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