‘All your child are belong to us’

No Democrat has actually said “all your child are belong to us,” but every time I read a story about the Democrat push to sever the parent-child relationship, I’m reminded of that long ago Japanese video game with the horrible translation: “All your base are belong to us.” Beginning with Lenin, all totalitarian takeovers have involved co-opting children and breaking them away from their families. We’re seeing this with a vengeance in the medical field, where children as young as 12 can make unilateral medical decisions—including destroying their bodies with dangerous hormones and mutilating surgery.

Vladimir Lenin, who formed the Soviet government in 1917, was quite explicit about the importance of children to the cause. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” The core of Hitler’s growing cultural takeover during the 1930s was the Hitler Youth organization, which skillfully taught children to ally themselves with the state and against their parents. During the Iran-Iraq war, the mullahs outfitted children with cheap trinkets that they were promised were keys to heaven and then sent them out to do battle against hardened Iraqi troops. As Mussolini said, “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State,” and totalitarians have applied that rule to children too.

What does this have to do with children and healthcare? A little explanation may help.

What one needs to understand in America in 2022 is that the Democrat party is no longer your father’s party. Those of us older than 50 or so, vividly remember when our parents and their friends would get together and talk politics. Regardless of party, they had the same social, economic, and political values. They just believed in different ways to achieve their political goals.

Image: Family by senivpetro.

However, there are no common goals today: Conservatives want a colorblind society; Democrats want a color-stratified society. Conservatives believe babies have the right to be born; Democrats, as embodied in Elizabeth Warren, are hysterically angry that babies will be born. Conservatives believe in the sexual binary of male and female; Democrats insist that there is no such thing as male and female anymore.

In each of the above examples, Conservatives believe in something that is natural and ordinary—humans having more in common than mere skin color, babies being born, and men and women as two separate and distinct halves of the human whole. And in each of the above examples, Democrats believe in something that goes against the natural order and that must be indoctrinated. And of course, being good totalitarians, they understand that these changes start with children—and that, to reach children, you must remove the parents who protect them ferociously and want them to have normal, not abnormal lives.

That’s how we get to an article from Libs of TikTok about the way in which several states have implemented laws that give children as young as 12 complete control over their medical choices. Parents aren’t just sidelined, they are blindsided. In Washington State, as one angry parent discovered, the school can put a child on antidepressants without informing the parent (never mind the increasing evidence that psychotropic drugs are almost invariably a factor when White kids engage in mass shootings).

The leftist states’ interference in the parent-child relationship doesn’t stop with drugs. Several states, including Washington, Arizona, New York, Maine, and California, remove parents from all access to medical information. When I was raising my kids in California, I was fortunate in that my kids wanted me to be part of their medical decisions and that the doctors didn’t protest. However, Libs of TikTok heard from one Maine parent whose 13-year-old boy was presented with a long questionnaire about his sex life and, when he sought help from his mother, the doctor barred her from the room. Asks Libs of TikTok:

Why would a doctor need to secretly know the sexual preference and gender identity that a 13-year-old child claims without his mom present? Why would any child be required to share answers to all these invasive questions and bar any parental involvement?

If the Democrats have their way, your 12-year-old, who is still very much a child, with a child’s eye view of the world, must wade into leftist-run healthcare entirely without a loving parents’ guidance or oversight. If transgenderism is “cool at school,” your child may vanish into the bowels of a healthcare system that’s happy to pump her full of testosterone and then cut off her breasts, or to give him unlimited prescriptions of psychotropic drugs—and you’d better shut up or you’ll lose all rights to your children, including the right ever to see him, her, or it again.

Parents had better get agitated and push back hard against this political movement. Otherwise, they’ll wake up one day to an empty house and find a notice from the local government affixed to their door saying, “All your child are belong to us.”

UPDATE: A lawyer friend of mine sent the following email to me:

If and to the extent that children have the "right" to consent to this or that medical procedure and/or keep records "private" from their parents, they also then should have the right to execute a health care surrogate (proxy), and a durable power of attorney (including FERPA waiver) giving their parents access to all information and records, as well as decision-making powers. 

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