A retired general is under investigation for insulting Jill Biden

The headline at the New York Post told the story: “Retired three-star general Gary Volesky suspended after tweet at Jill Biden.” Unlike Hunter, Jill’s stepson, General Volesky did not call Jill a “vindictive moron” and an “entitled c**t,” with the latter being one of the most obscene, vicious insults that can be directed at a woman. Volesky’s gentle gibe, though, was enough to get him suspended from his civilian contract job with the military and placed under investigation.

The story’s not complicated. From the Post:

Retired lieutenant general Gary Volesky, a former spokesman for the Army, responded to a tweet from Biden about the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, in which the First Lady remarked that women’s rights had been “stolen.”

Biden tweeted that “for nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies. Today, that right was stolen from us.”

Volesky responded, “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.”

If you’re asking how the Pentagon could suspend a retired general, the answer is that Volesky is earning money on an hourly contractual basis doing work for the military. Since he’s retired, that’s a civilian job. Nevertheless, once in the military, always in the military. Technically, you can be called up for active duty at any time.

Image: Gary Volesky. YouTube screen grab.

What’s fascinating is the difference in how the Pentagon treats Volesky and what past retired Generals and Admirals have gotten away with when the president was Trump.

In October 2019, retired admiral William McRaven, who respectfully buried bin Laden at sea with a full Muslim service, wrote a NY Times opinion piece lambasting then-President Trump. The Pentagon did nothing. It was silent, as well, ten days later when retired admiral James Winnefeld castigated Trump for failing to show mass-murderer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the same religious reverence the Obama administration (and McRaven) accorded bin Laden. Also in 2019, retired general Barry McCaffrey called Trump another Mussolini. Again, the Pentagon stayed silent.

Heartened by the Pentagon’s passivity, by June 2020, before the election, retired generals were using Trump as a punching bag. Retired general Jim Mattis compared Trump to a Nazi. Both retired admiral Mike Mullen and retired general Martin Dempsey were also taking whacks at Trump.

All of these slanders came from men who could be recalled to active duty in a time of need. However, by directly bad-mouthing the president, they showed themselves to be political hacks who could not be trusted to serve the duly elected president of the United States...and the Pentagon did nothing.

But when a retired general makes a pretty damn gentle gibe at a first lady who waded into politics, suddenly the Pentagon is up in arms. I think that should concern us all. Not only is the Pentagon shamefully woke, as it smiles up Critical Race Theory and radical transgenderism in the military (no wonder recruitment numbers are down), it’s showing itself to be dangerously partisan. The strength of America’s military has been that it is non-partisan but that’s one other American institution and tradition that the Democrats have broken.

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