Al Gore is baaaack

With the global warming agenda on the rocks and greenie measures absolute failures around the world, who should come to its rescue but...Al Gore?

According to HuffPo:

Former Vice President Al Gore said Sunday that even if President Joe Biden hesitated on declaring a national emergency to address climate change, Mother Nature had already done so and the planet was feeling the effects of a warming world with dire consequences.

Gore made the comments on ABC's "This Week," telling host Jonathan Karl shattered heat records, Antarctic ice melt and the ongoing devastation of drought, flooding and wildfires were hitting the world "hard" and with immediate effect.

"We're seeing this global emergency play out and it's getting worse more quickly than was predicted," Gore said Sunday. "This should be a moment for a global epiphany and the voters and the publics in countries around the world need to put a lot more pressure on their political leaders."

Seems Greta wasn't getting the job done, so Al's stepped in.  Sometimes it takes a man...or groper of masseuses, as the case may be.

Tin-eared as ever, Gore compared "climate change deniers" to Uvalde cops who stood around while children were being massacred, which happened in Texas.  It's amazing how cheap the argument can be.

Several Fox News hosts ripped into the recrudescence of this Democrat relic.  Fox host Jesse Watters has a particularly good take, calling Gore a "grifter" and "stickup artist" and comparing his latest act to the return of bad '70s fashion trends:

The question remains, though: why is Gore showing up on prime time all of a sudden? 

The green agenda is falling into complete discredit, what with the example of Sri Lanka, which "went green" and saw its economy collapse, and the Netherlands, whose green agenda set off a mass agricultural sector revolt.  Similar collapses for similar reasons are brewing in Pakistan, Panama, Canada, Italy, and other places.  Bankruptcy, dictatorship, and actual hunger are the rubble of the environmental wackoism and the byproducts of "going green" that have overtaken the world in the wake of Gore's initial entry into green wackoism, which was his Academy Award–winning wokester movie called An Inconvenient Truth.  A recent Rasmussen poll showed that the public views the green agenda at rock bottom among its priorities, while the scolding press prioritizes the issue among its top items.

Why are we now seeing Gore in the news?

Watters offers one guess in what may be the right direction — following the money:

JESSE WATTERS: Gore makes money like a stick up artist. He tells the American people give me all your cash or you are going to die. And the climate business pays big bucks. He worth something like $300 million. He has a $2.5 million house in Nashville with $30,000 utility bill. And he just bought a $9 million villa on the ocean in California. Better be high up, Al because the rising sea levels might flood the foyer. Where does he get all this money? His documentary banked $50 million at the box office. And he sold current tv to rich Arab oil sheiks who own Al Jazeera. A station not really known for environmentalism. When Al Gore watches ISIS beheading video on Al-Jazeera. I wonder if he has any regrets. 

He pocketed a massive $100 million from the sale, of course. Just like any grifter, he is always looking for an easy payday. In the middle of the George Floyd protest, while companies were making money off racism, Al Gore found a way to connect climate change to racism. Saying the need for climate action is bound together with the struggle for racial equality and liberation. Even Greta Thunberg thought that was a little too slick. When Joe Manchin killed the Green New Deal, Al Gore just showed up with a deal of his own. The former vice president just launched a $1.7 billion investment fund. It only invests in green companies. And Gore takes 20% before you see any of your profits. At least you feel good about yourself. Al Gore is like a climate priest, you pay a  percent to the church to save your soul.

Quite likely there's some kind of money-making angle to this, whether in investments Gore holds, or some kind of government contracts he'd have an interest in, given Joe Biden's greenie government spending spree.  Where there's money to be made in green, Gore is there.

It could also be other stuff — among Democrats who can remember, Gore remains popular.  Democrats right now are a leaderless husk with the lights off in Joe Biden's brain, and Kamala Harris still wishing she had one.  Democrats are desperate for reassuring leadership, and Gore mouths all the truisms for them, wrapped in a familiar and reassuring persona.  The press has always eaten up whatever Gore has said, no matter how absurd and out of touch.

The other thing is that Gore knows that the greenie agenda is failing — the messaging from Sri Lanka and the Netherlands and all places that have adopted the green agenda is a legacy of failure.  The high gas prices at the pump along with the blithe call to buy expensive and environmentally unfriendly carbon compound–consuming electric cars is also a failed message.  For Gore, all of that is his rice bowl, so he may be in a sense trying to save his legacy — by offering up his face to the cameras as a substitute for the riots and ruins the public are seeing with their own eyes.

Whatever it is, it's something venal and dishonorable.  Gore in all his glory emerges as the zombie to the dying greenie agenda.  He was the madness's pied piper.  Now he's its aging nightmare rearing his head from the political dead.

Get that guy out of there.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News snippet of ABC video (cropped), posted on shareable YouTube.

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