The harridans on The View got rebuked by their own legal department

Turning Point USA had its summit in Florida last week, and, predictably, a lot of manifestly fake Nazis showed up, to imply that American conservatives, who are dedicated to individual liberty, are in fact National Socialists, who are, well, socialists.  Only very stupid people would believe that this small group with their fresh-out-of-the-package banners were Nazis — and that brings me to the gals on ABC's The View.  Their credulous opinings were so bad that ABC had to read a statement rejecting their assertions about Turning Point USA.

As you may recall, members of The Lincoln Project, an ostensibly "Republican" organization that espouses such values as being anti-Republican, pro-abortion, and very pro-Biden, tried to smear Glenn Youngkin by pretending to be a white supremacist brigade at one of his rallies.  Last week, another leftist organization tried to do the same at the Turning Point USA summit.

Despite the obvious fakery of those young Nazis — and again, it bears endless repeating that real Nazis were proud leftists — the ladies of The View found the whole thing extremely credible.  Joy Behar compared Gov. DeSantis to Trump in thinking there are good people among Nazis, words that I can guarantee DeSantis has never thought, let alone said.  (Words that Trump never thought or said, either.)  Ana Navarro then said Behar may have gone too far with DeSantis, but Behar was definitely describing Trump.

We expect that kind of ignorance and sheer nastiness from the viragos of The View.  What made this time special is that ABC legal was so worried about Turning Point USA suing that it had one of the shrews read, on air, a legal note walking back all the garbage those harridans spouted.  The hags still attacked DeSantis, though, and made sure to put in a shout-out to Antifa, a violent, totalitarian organization that Joy Behar foolishly believes is anti-fascist:

The View's beldams are easy targets because they are, if you'll excuse my being direct, dumber than rocks and infinitely less useful.  The problem with them, though, is that they have a prominent forum that allows them to spread their venomous ignorance far and wide.  Maybe, though, some in their audience will begin to wonder just how cretinous these crones are if their own legal department must walk back the toxins they're spouting.

Image: The View’s viragos. Twitter screen grab.

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