Why isn't Mexico stopping the caravan?

We just learned that a new migrant caravan is coming north.

This is the story from The Guardian:

This is not the first migrant caravan to leave Tapachula, but it may be the largest ever recorded in Mexico: its numbers are expected to swell in the coming days, and may reach 15,000 people[.]

According to the article, it is a multinational caravan:

The largest number of migrants in the caravan come from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua – three countries whose authoritarian rulers Joe Biden has conspicuously refused to invite to the summit. But there are also Haitians, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans and even citizens of India, Bangladesh, and several African countries.

Up here, the impotent Biden administration is going to play word games (asylum-seekers), dump this on the overwhelmed Border Patrol, and put the illegal border-crossers on a midnight plane to somewhere.

To say the least, it was very different when our family came to the U.S. seeking political freedom.

Cuba and the U.S. did not have diplomatic relations back then, so we had to go to Mexico, travel to Jamaica, and wait two months for "el permiso," or the permit, as my parents called it.  Again, it was more orderly and correctly so.

So what do we do now?

First of all, we need to confront the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua and tell them to stop it.  Cuba is desperate for cash, and we could cancel all U.S.-Havana flights immediately.  I'm convinced that the Castro regime is desperately trying to get rid of people.

Second, what about Mexico?  The article points out that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López-Obrador is trying to play the role of the humanitarian.  Why doesn't he offer residence to the "caravan-istas"?  Invite them to stay in Mexico.

Once again, we see what happens when a weak president surrounded by immigration activists opens the border without consequences.

I came here with my parents many years ago.  I understand why people want to leave Cuba or Venezuela.  But we have embassies and consulates in those countries, and we should process these requests over there.  Have them apply, and give them an orderly entry when the request is approved.

Caravans will only create more caravans!

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Image: Screen shot from The Guardian video via YouTube.

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