Who's still wearing a mask these days?

From my daily walk in my neighborhood in Albuquerque, I have come to the conclusion that only leftist loons, AKA Democrats, are still wearing masks outdoors.  Does the same apply to indoor mask-wearing?

New Mexico was one of the most Wuhan-virus locked down states in the western U.S.  The major reason for the lockdowns is that the state has had single-party Dem rule for most of the last 90 years.  The last time Republicans held a majority in both houses of the state Legislature at the same time was 1930, and the last time Republicans held a majority on the state Supreme Court was in the 1920s.

However, there is a gubernatorial election this November, and poll numbers have not been good for the Dems.  Miraculously, the state's punitive indoor mask mandates were suspended (not revoked) several months ago.  Cynics have charged that the decision was based on political science and not medical science.  Also, several weeks ago, the state health department stopped releasing daily information on the number of Wuhan virus hospitalizations and deaths, and whether the infected person had been jabbed.  Suspicions exist that more people who have been jabbed with the "vaccine" are being hospitalized and dying than the un-jabbed.  If this is true, it will prove to be an inconvenient truth for the Dems.

I had an opportunity to test my hypothesis on Tuesday, when I was a poll worker for the primary election.  I held the lofty position of "systems clerk."  At my polling place, which was a gym in an elementary school (the basketball hoops were still up), there were three "system clerks" and a supervisor to handle the non-routine cases.  A voter would walk up to us.  We would verify, by a computer connected to the Bureau of Elections, the voter's name, address, and year of birth.  If everything checked out, we would then print a voter permit, with a specific identifying number, and the ballot.

Our voting site got 449 voters consisting of 223 Democrats, 224 Republicans, and 2 Libertarians.  I was a busy bee and probably checked in about 175 voters.  I was the lone Republican "system clerk" and had my name and party registration displayed on a stick-on name tag.  I received one "let's go Brandon" salutation from a voter.

From my  position as a "system clerk," I concluded that indoor mask-wearing percentages are not the same as outdoor mask wearing percentages.  That is, some Republicans are wearing masks indoors.  Here are my observations and conclusions:

1. Despite the revocation of the mandatory indoor mask mandate in N.M., about 50% of all voters were wearing masks.

2. Ninety-nine percent of voters under 50 who were wearing masks were Democrats.  I recall only one young female Republican who was wearing a mask.

3. My surprise came with the over 65 voting age group.  Dems and Republicans were about evenly split on mask-wearing.  The over 65 group is one of the most vulnerable to COVID, so this behavior may be logical.

4. There were only two Libertarian voters.  I checked one in.  He was not wearing a mask.  Since most Libertarians are fallen Republicans, indoor mask-wearing percentages are likely the same as for Republicans.

5. One of the regrets among our group of "system clerks" is that we had not brought a basketball to shoot hoops during slow times.  If you are going to be a poll worker and the voting site is inside a gym, you may want to bring a basketball.

You will notice the glaring omission of the 50 to 65 age group.  I returned from a lunch break at about 2 P.M.  At that time, there had been only about 125 voters.  However, shortly thereafter, there was a power outage in parts of Albuquerque, and two nearby voting sites were shut down for lack of power.  Those voters came to our site.  Between 2 P.M. and 7 P.M., the vote count went from 125 to 449.  I was so tired and overwhelmed with work that I was unable to make adequate observations of the 50-to-65 mask-wearing group.

If I am ever a "system clerk" for another election, which is unlikely, I'll focus on that age group.  I'm sure AT readers will be waiting with bated breath.

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