Two morality tales: Biden and Trump

Joe Biden has zero moral authority — not on mass shootings, not on abortions, not on anything.

Why?  Because he and his coterie of radicals are knowingly crushing all people across all classes and particularly across the identity and grievance groups the Democrats always claim to be helping.  Inflation, high gas prices, open borders, and crime waves in major urban centers hurt the middle and lower classes the most, the ones who are getting hammered in so many different ways, but particularly financially.

For many, Trump came off as a big-mouth lout with questionable morals, but can anyone really point to anything he did either while in office or before becoming president that was illegal?  All the legal action taken with regard to his companies is nothing less than the weaponization of the legal system for political reasons.  If he had never assumed the presidency, does anyone really believe that anyone would have taken legal action against him?  And can anyone point to one policy he implemented while president that harmed anyone either financially or physically?  I'm confident that person can never be found. 

Trump's policies while president empirically demonstrated that everyone benefited across all classes and identity groups, particularly Blacks, Hispanics, and women.  The economy was the best it has ever been in the modern era, with record employment, rising wages, and a soaring stock market that was boosting the retirement accounts of tens of millions in the middle classes.  Something like $9 trillion has been shaved off the equity markets since the beginning of this year.  This money is not just coming out of the portfolios of the rich, but the 401(k)s and IRAs of everyone else.

Now Biden is knowingly boosting the price of gasoline with his radical environmental policies that, along with his profligate spending, have caused inflation to jump from 1.4% the last month Trump was in office to 8.6% today.  Like all Democrats, Biden is always claiming the moral high ground and accusing Republicans of the most ignoble intentions when in reality, it's just the opposite. 

There is a great quote that's been going around since Biden took office: "what is happening now is the result of voting against someone rather than voting for someone."  This is another way of saying so many "cut off their noses to spite their faces."  According to Kurt Schlichter:

We're getting tired of nothing but disasters, debacles, and decline. And that's when things get dangerous. What cannot go on will not go on, and we Americans are not going accept muddling through forever, lurching from crisis to crisis created by our garbage ruling class and that cannot be solved by our garbage ruling class. Jimmy Carter was like that — President Peanut tried to tell us to embrace the suck. We told him to suck on his malaise. We turned to Ronald Reagan, and Carter was in a funk for forty years until Grandpa Badfinger finally relieved him of the title of "Worst President of the Last Century" 

Biden talks as if he owns the moral high ground and that everything he's done or will do will take the country to the promised land, when in reality, he's a total moral failure who is taking the country farther and farther into the gutter.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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