A liberal remembers the good old days

Speaking of Uvalde in an article titled "Out among the lights with Petula Clark," Marc Dion writes wonderfully of his childhood in a small Massachusetts town.  He reminds me of my own youth, when all was new and yet old — a time when honor and faith and decency meant something to children and adults.

Dion, a broadly talented writer in sad possession of a single-file mind, neglects to mention that liberals have managed to steal all that is precious from modern childhood.  That's how you arrive in Uvalde.

In music we enjoyed an eclectic range of pop songs; Petula one moment, the Stones next up.

Today, kids hear soulless depressives whining over an incessant progression of four chords.  Sometimes they are visually treated to bulky women rolling on the ground together to a tune called "WAP."  You don't want to know what that stands for — suffice it to say that modern liberal adults love to rob children of virtue and grace as early as possible.

Dion mentions the nuns at his school and says they were probably the only people he's ever met who could see heaven as clearly as you can see Nebraska on a map.  I told you he's good.

But liberals like Dion fight every day to replace those far-sighted nuns of high ideals with rainbow-obsessed freaks of the "we, she, them, they" variety.  These nuts will spend hours talking about pronouns or critical theories.  They barely notice that little Steve came to school upset this morning.  Sensing only that his mood may slow the rhetorical train wreck, they utilize mean-spirited sarcasm to put Steve into his quiet place.  They then continue their never-ending quest for sexual equality amidst the 70-odd genders they have recently discovered or thought of just now.  It's all off a rather threadbare cuff.

Dion recalls his father protecting him from vulgar speech.  Liberals drown a child's world in vulgar speech.  Screaming "f--- the police" while throwing a rock through the candy store window is the progressive approach to conflict resolution.  Kids see it constantly on the nightly news.

Oh, but liberals are good with words.  Dion winds up with this: "[f]or the innocent souls that left the broken little bodies, I know what you left."  I told you he's good.

But I think that is more cynical than true.  He can't acknowledge what little has been left to our children.  All the innocent souls have been broken into and robbed by a liberal mindset that destroys the human spirit — a veiled yet overbearing hostility that purchases student docility and compliance with a constant grinding wheel of blame, guilt, and lies.

And then one overheats and explodes.

I believe that liberals have psychologically damaged our children slowly over the last five decades.

Now they want us to fondly remember the good old days.

The good old days they killed.

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