The GOP victory margin just got wider, unless...

Consider the following social experiment:

There is an auditorium with 100 people seated.

Only 10 among them have megaphones.

Among those who don't, a second group of people is seated at distance from the auditorium such that only the voices emanating from the megaphones are audible

A third group is insulated from all noise from the auditorium, and they can only read transcripts of the utterances within the auditorium.

The 100 individuals in the auditorium engage in an abortion debate on pro-choice vs. pro-life.

In the auditorium, only the 10 fanatical proponents of abortion have megaphones that can be heard. They are also permitted to move around the auditorium. They are privately informed that any violence on their part will be ignored.

Of the remaining 90 in the auditorium, most are pro-life and want abortions outlawed in all situations. Some say abortion should only be permitted during the early stages of pregnancy for situations such as rape or incest or the possibility of harm to the mother. Some aren't keen to talk about this very personal matter but were forced to appear. This group has to rely solely on vocal cords to be audible. They must remain seated. They are informed that severe punishment will be meted out if they threaten or even raise a finger against the 10 with the megaphones.

As the debate progresses, the 10 pro-choice individuals with the megaphones shout down the pro-lifers. They also indulge in mocking, ridiculing, and deriding the pro-lifers. They pelt objects at the pro-lifers and even knock a few of them down.

When the debate concludes, the part of the audience which could only hear voices from the megaphones is polled. A majority claim that most in the auditorium are pro-choice and that they didn't hear a single compelling argument that was pro-life.

Now the portion of the audience which could only read the transcript is polled. They read the arguments on both sides and infer that the pro-life contingent emerged on top by a wide margin.

This is an exact allegory of the situation after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade (1973) which allows the states to decide the legality of abortion.

If you have been watching the coverage in the mainstream media, you would be pardoned for thinking that the entire country is enraged by the ruling and wants to demolish the Supreme Court.

This is because the Democrats control the media.

Their range of coverage began with a miserable Nancy Pelosi sounding like she was bereaved and ended with an angry Maxine Watters using inflammatory language cursing the Supreme Court and threatening to defy the ruling. The pundits and news anchors echo these sentiments. There is also favorable coverage of 'activists' marching for abortion, lots and lots of it. The violence and threats are downplayed or defined as righteous anger. 

The pro-life groups that support the overturning of Roe v. Wade keep their opinions private. They have jobs and families, hence, they do not have the time to indulge in protests, marches, and demonstrations. They are law-abiding and do not believe in property destruction and violence as a means to express dissent.

To sum it up, the pro-choice people are a minority whose voices are amplified while the pro-life people are a majority whose voices are suppressed.

The Supreme Court ruling is a resounding victory for President Trump, the GOP, and conservatism.

Almost every Democrat that denounced the ruling blamed President Trump and called his appointees extremists. It is almost as if they were kicking off Trump's 2024 campaign for the White House. 

Nobody is talking about the staged January 6 hearings.

The immediate impact is that the margin of victory for the GOP during November just got bigger. 

The Democrats have refreshed public memory regarding their violence, intolerance, and extremism. Their true colors are once again on display on a much wider canvas.

The people will be reminded that these aren't tthe Democrats of the '90s who said that abortions should be "safe, legal, and rare." 

This isn't even the Democrat party of 2008 when Hillary Clinton said the same thing during a presidential debate.

The Democrat party now hysterically celebrates abortions and reacts violently to anyone who doesn't subscribe to this perspective.

When the draft that provided the rationale for overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked last month, the far left went on a rampage. There was an assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, that was fortunately thwarted. Miscreants vandalized Catholic churches and crisis pregnancy centers. Thugs tossed a Molotov cocktail into the offices of a pro-life group. Threatening and profanity-laced demonstrations were conducted outside the homes of conservative justices and have been going on for more than a month. Two justices are reportedly in isolation now.

If the prospect of overturning Roe v. Wade caused such a violent reaction, we can only imagine the reaction now that Roe v. Wade has actually been overturned.

Most, people, including moderate Democrats, will be horrified to see the conduct of their fellow Democrats.

So how should the GOP react?

The biggest mistake that GOP lawmakers could commit is to confuse the cacophonous voices of Democrat troublemakers and the consensus of the silent majority. 

This conflation was probably among the reasons that some in the GOP capitulated before the Democrats and passed a gun control bill a few days back, that among other things, enables the confiscation of guns merely on the basis of suspicion.

If the GOP panics once again because of the noise around them in Washington and works with the Democrats to pass a law that either undoes or dilutes the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it would be suicidal. The Democrats will become saviors of abortion and the GOP will become a double betrayer, first on gun issues and second on the issues of the sanctity of life. This scenario is most unlikely but not impossible.

The GOP will now be judged on two levels.

Firstly, by how the GOP governors react. This isn't merely issuing statements of condemnation against the violence or being pro-life. GOP governors must use all their powers to protect their citizens against unruly mobs. They must be uncompromising as they enforce the laws with no appeasement of rioters.

Citizens have a right to march or protest peacefully, but no one has the right to vandalize, loot, or riot.

GOP lawmakers in Washington have a few very easy tasks. They must reiterate their pro-life stance. They must venerate the Supreme Court for being protectors of the Constitution. They must denounce the Democrats for being proponents of barbaric abortion practices and for their anti-democratic stand, their violence, and their intolerance. The GOP must also call out the Democrats for interfering in the workings of the Supreme Court, being anti-Democratic through threatening the Supreme Court, and by being enablers of lawlessness. The GOP can cement its reputation of being the party of law and order.

A cherry on the cake would be if the GOP can pass laws to protect citizens and empower law enforcement as the Democrat miscreants and thugs rampage.

The GOP must not interrupt the Democrats who are rapidly imploding before everybody's eyes.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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