Repealing Roe reveals sharp contrast between good and evil

If ever an action did not have an equal and opposite reaction, this Roe decision from the Supreme Court is it.

The Left's reaction to the decision is monumentally top-heavy compared to the action taken by SCOTUS. 

Those who are overreacting are deliberately lying about what the Dobbs decision has done. It has not “banned abortion.” Abortions will still be legal in many States. But the reactions on the Left have been those of scalded cats. It is almost as though young people especially have been waiting for another excuse to protest and destroy things. They seem to enjoy doing such things and the Roe decision is handy.

Killing babies in or out of the womb is evil. It is a way for the baby to suffer the consequences of the mother’s (and father's) indiscretion. Would the same mother want to die for the sins of her child? No, not if she is so willing to kill the child in the first place. Even Old Testament law allowed for punishment against anyone harming a pregnant mother if the unborn child was killed.

The “good” here is the general public attitude on the Right toward bearing children. It is positive. It is geared to promoting childbirth whenever possible. Children are blessings.

On one side is the gnashing of teeth, the uninhibited profanity, the shrieking, the obscene gestures and the stripping off of clothing in public (what that has to do with the abortion issue is beyond me). There is the threat of violence, the post-Dobbs retributive intention of expanding abortion to include infanticide (it’s coming), and the seditious threats of elected officials to incite violence and civil disobedience. All of that is evil, almost demonic in its intensity.

On the other side is the good: the desire to protect the life of children from conception onward. On this side is the cherishing of life, the appreciation of God’s gift of children, the protection, love, caring for the helpless and the unborn. On this side is the preference of speaking softly and reasonably against abortion, not to shout and scream, which they find they must now do in order to be heard when being shouted down by Leftists. On the side of the good is the horror of imagining an unborn child being torn to pieces in utero. On the side of the good is God, a God who is unknown on the side of evil.

Perhaps the Right is too good. Perhaps we are too placid, too complacent, only reacting when threatened. That’s how you get dead, physically and culturally. By contrast, Leftists are always advocating for upheaval, violence and chaos; they call it “progressivism”, and without such upheavals, their lives are meaningless. But their lives are meaningless, if meaning is to be found in the killing of babies. Their evil intent coarsens all of life's experiences. By contrast again, we on the Right tend to honor life, tranquility, prosperity, and peace; it is our way of life. We defer to the life and to the good. The Left defer to death and decadence.

An example of this may seem trivial but it is psychologically revealing: Note the differences in the way public spaces are left after demonstrations and rallies. Leftists always leave a mess, the Right cleans up after itself. It is a metaphor for our deep differences.

The Roe decision has further revealed the difference between Left vs. Right, good vs. evil in America. Distinctions were evident before this decision but now we see a deepening gorge with evil on the Left and good on the Right.

Imagine heaven and hell: How different would hell be than living in a world filled with babies being murdered from conception up to birth, racism being taught and called “anti-racism”, businesses, cities, houses being burned and called “blowing off steam”, God's restraining influences on behavior being absent, perversity of all kinds being called good. Hell is the military being neutered, history being destroyed, the economy and supply lines being a disaster, and people being cancelled, censored, doxxed, and persecuted because of their political and religious beliefs.

How different would heaven be than if we were living only with committed conservatives? Imagine never having to fight against false charges of racism, treason, “insurrection”, and “privilege.” Imagine never having your religion punished by governmental agencies and unscrupulous lawyers. Imagine being able to speak your mind without being maligned, sued, cancelled, censored, censured, and punished, and where God is honored and worshipped. Imagine no abortions except for the life of the mother. Imagine no infanticide or partial-birth abortion.

Because we cannot live prosperously and peacefully side by side with such evil because it continuously encroaches on the good, we may be forced to separate ourselves from it in a Benedict Option way. Perhaps the tumultuous results of Dobbs are God’s way of telling us to remove ourselves from the heathens just as the ancient Israelites were told not to associate with others lest they be tainted by the immorality and idolatry.

Lines are being drawn. The differences were stark before but are even clearer since the Roe decision: Death, destruction, lawlessness, chaos and hate on one side with love, protection, decency, honor, faith, self-control, and prosperity on the other side.

I can only hope that those who love abortion will move to the States where it will remain legal. That way, the rest of us may have some tranquility, decency, and prosperity across the board.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License


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