Corporate America loves abortion

The moment the Dobbs decision came down, large American corporations acted: They promised their employees what can only be described as “abortion benefits”: They will do everything they can to facilitate abortions for those of their female employees who give their energy and attention to work, not to children. Leftists are delighted but it’s a nasty, debasing thing America’s corporations are doing.

Pandra Selivanov has already noted that Hollywood’s biggest corporations are desperate to keep the abortions rolling: Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Comcast, Warner Brothers., Discovery, and Sony. That Disney is on board is rather ironic considering that its customer base has been, for almost 90 years, children. But I digress.

Libs of TikTok gathered some of the announcements that various corporations have made to their employees. For example, in the name of “equity” and “people’s health, lives, and careers,” Google announced that its “US benefits plan and health insurance cover out-of-state medical procedures that are not available where an employee lives and works.” And of course, Google is “arranging support sessions” for the snowflakes in its employ:

The banking industry is also on board: “JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank AG and American Express will pay for employees to travel to another state if needed to obtain a legal abortion....”

To that end, Bank of America sent out an announcement informing its employees that “We are expanding coverage for U.S. healthcare-related travel.”

At the end of this post are a few more examples of corporations rushing to assure female employees that nothing will get in the way of those employees who want to terminate a pregnancy.

Meanwhile, in the states in which abortion will remain legal and that are setting themselves up as abortion destination states, leftists are starting to post messages announcing that they have a couch, a car, vacation days, and a conveniently short memory for any young woman who needs a “job interview” or a “college visit.” Clearly, these leftists envision themselves as the brave souls running a new Underground Railroad. But back to the corporations.

Image: Office buildings by frimufilms.

Corporations are not altruistic. When they treat employees well, it’s because doing so is good for the corporation. Various federal and state employment laws provide a baseline level of decency for corporate work. Anything above that level, while it may flow from the occasional owner’s or manager’s milk of human kindness, usually has to do with (a) keeping employees in a competitive market or (b) avoiding the costs of constant employee turnover.

When it comes to facilitating abortions, the benefits to the corporations are obvious. Pregnant employees are expensive: They take more time off when they’re pregnant, they get maternity leave, sick children mean more time off after pregnancy, and the company’s health insurance costs rise when its employees have kids. It’s much better for a corporation to tell its female employees that it’s right there in the trenches with them in the fight to kill babies.

And what do the women get out of these facilitated abortions? A paycheck, promotions, an “employee of the month” plaque on the wall? It’s true that these things seem wonderful when you’re young, having fun, and getting all sorts of praise and perks from the boss. (It’s amazing how much goodwill a company garners from employees if it gives away electronic gadgets.) And frankly, when kids are little, even a hard job is easier than sleepless nights followed by endless days of dealing with the extraordinary demands young children make on a mother.

The payoff with kids comes later. The energy you put into them as a parent when they’re little is returned with interest when you have children who become interesting, productive, and loving people. When you’re old and your world has contracted, your former employer won’t come and visit with you in the old age home but your children will, bringing the grandkids with them. The thing about kids is that it’s delayed gratification on an epic scale but it comes with a huge reward at the end of the line.

But for corporations, their employees’ children are simply an economic burden. If abortion is illegal in any given state, that employer is going to make darn sure it gets the current benefit of a childless woman now. Years later, when her employer no longer has any use for her, that same woman may find herself facing a very lonely old age.

Here are some more corporate abortion letters:

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