Press sec Karine Jean-Pierre has entered the Twilight Zone

New Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yesterday ignored the First Law of Holes and kept on digging.  It's been a rough start for the Psaki successor, reading from notes rather than spontaneously answering questions, and cutting off briefings and walking out as reporters continue to shout questions.

But yesterday, trying to defend the miserable mismanagement of the economy, she fully escaped the bounds of reality and entered what must be the Twilight Zone.  Precisely nobody will believe this:

What we're trying to say, what I'm trying to say to you, is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically.

Yet she said it:

She also tried peddling the Kamala-esque line that we are at "a historic place in history" (is there any other kind?), at which point (7 seconds into the video below) she rolled her eyes and waved her hands in a bizarre display of something weird.  Inability to peddle nonsense?  Demonic possession?

Twitter video screen grab.

You be the judge:

What is the point?  Everyone but the very rich is experiencing a decline in our standard of living, as we no longer can afford what had been customary expenditures due to steep inflation in food and energy, as well as many other essentials.  People who have had to give up eating fast food hamburgers are not going to be fooled by rhetoric from the White House briefing room.

This presentation reeks of panic.  Does KJP suspect she is being set up as the fall gal?  Something very weird was on display.

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