Kamala Harris finally offers solution to 'root cause' of Central American illegal migration: Community organizers

At the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, Joe Biden's border czar, Kamala Harris, stood front and center, attempting to show her "clout."

Tuesday, she unveiled her grand plan to address the "root causes" of illegal migration from Central America to the assembled heads of state.

What did she have to offer for places that are shipping tens of thousands of illegal migrants to claim asylum in our country?

Drum roll, please...more community organizers.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday announced a Central American youth program to get young El Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans paid community services opportunities on issues like "climate action" and violence prevention.

Harris announced the launch of the Central American Service Corps (CASC), a $50 million initiative as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to tackle what it believes are the "root causes" of the crisis at the southern border — including poverty, climate change and violence.

CASC, according to Harris’ office, will be administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and will "provide young people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with paid community service opportunities, mentorship, and a path to future employment."

Her office said that young people in those countries will be given opportunities to work on priorities in their communities that include tutoring, "climate action" and "green jobs," food security, preventing violence and other "civic-engagement" activities.

That's community organizers — some $50 million of taxpayer cash to be spent on who knows how many of them to bullyrag local businesses and harangue Central America's governments.

For good measure, these newly minted community organizers will be paid a "nominal" salary.  Perhaps they can make it up with shakedowns on local businesses.

It sounds as though she doesn't know where these Central American migrants surging across our border in search of "a better life" are coming for.  Perhaps a border visit would have helped.

What makes the measure so absurd is that she's imagining that the military-aged single young men from places like Honduras (per capita GDP: $5,420) now crossing our border in vast numbers would actually prefer a gadfly semi-job virtue-signaling on "climate justice," at a "nominal" salary for the virtue-signaling satisfaction, to a real job somewhere in the States (per capita GDP: $63,000) cutting lawns, washing dishes, or carrying hod, which pay a heck of a lot more than even a university professor's salary back home.  Even on the low end of the U.S. job spectrum, the earnings potential for a migrant taking a U.S. job tops anything an average Honduran salary can offer, let alone a "nominal" one.  That goes triple for Guatemala and El Salvador, the other two countries in Harris's "root causes" bailiwick.

According to the Washington Examiner:

GDP per capita was about $63,000 in the U.S. in 2020, according to World Bank data. In comparison, GDP per capita, adjusted for purchasing power, was $8,853.7 in Guatemala, $8,420 in El Salvador, and $5,420 in Honduras. 

Now let's take a gander at what community organizers do.  Vox, a leftist publication, has a description:

In a Dissent piece, veteran organizer Mike Miller quoted a young Barack Obama giving a quite good definition of the core ideas behind community organizing:

Organizing begins with the premise that (1) the problems facing inner-city communities do not result from a lack of effective solutions, but from a lack of power to implement these solutions; (2) that the only way for communities to build long-term power is by organizing people and the money [they raise] around a common vision; and (3) that a viable organization can only be achieved if a broadly based indigenous leadership — and not one or two charismatic leaders — can knit together the diverse interests of their local institutions [and "grassroots" people]. ...

Alinsky didn't just theorize about organizing. He was, himself, an organizer. A criminologist by training, Alinsky lived in Chicago, and began his work in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in the 1930s. He created the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, a group bringing together unions, religious leaders, and other stakeholders in that area. At its first meeting, Alinsky biographer Sanford Horwitt writes, the council passed resolutions calling for a new recreation facility, for child nutrition and disease prevention programs, and to ask the Armour meatpacking company to compromise with the nascent meatpackers' union. The council took on a permanent role in the community, and still exists.

There we have it — shaking down local businesses for cash and favored pet projects by the ideologically driven organizers in the name of attaining power.  Vox cites a Hormel shakedown over in Chicago.  Anybody taken a look at how Chicago's been doing these days with this setup?

Memo to Harris: In Central America, they have gangs for that job.  What's more, they pay more than a "nominal" salary.  Anything community organizers can do, gangs can do better.

Not only was Harris's speech anodyne and unoriginal, (most migrants "don't want to leave home," she intoned for the umpteenth time), but her pro-offered solution was insanely bad.  It sounded like something dreamt up in a faculty lounge bull session.

The bottom line is, illegal migrants are coming here to raise their standard of living, either through a life of welfare or to take an American job.  Most say as much to the press, even as they utter the magic word "asylum" to the Border Patrol, and this explains why so many never show up to their asylum hearings.  The migrants are coming here for the money in undreamt-of amounts back home.  That's the root cause.

Maybe creating an attractive business climate in those places, or getting rid of the gangs, will do something to fix this. 

But she was speaking to a lot of empty chairs at that summit — with not just the president of Mexico boycotting the summit, but the presidents of all three Central American countries she supposedly was addressing.  Two of them she actually visited, so the snub was a pretty big one.  The president of Guatemala was angry about her constant charge of corruption — and the U.S. decision to bankroll...community organizers...to meddle in Guatemala's legal system.  The president of El Salvador was angry at the constant hollerings of corruption, as well as claims he was a dictator, too.  The president of Honduras is an extreme leftist, and Harris attended her inauguration.  But that wasn't good enough to attend the summit back as a favor, which gives a whiff of the nature of Harris's "diplomacy." 

So none of them was around to hear about all these supposed great goodies for them. 

Maybe that was for the best.  These solutions offered by Harris are bound to lead to more mass migration to the States, not less.  Instead of addressing empty chairs, maybe she should have visited the border.

Image: Screen shot from Fox11 video via YouTube.

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