Michigan senator prescribes a solution to combat surging gas prices

We all know that the Biden administration is clueless about tackling rising gas prices.

U.S. gas prices hit a new record yesterday, with a gallon of regular gas costing an average of $4.865 (not adjusting for inflation), according to the most recent data from AAA.  The highest average price — $6.34 — is in California, but ten states have now surpassed the $5 mark.

Well, Biden need not worry anymore; Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow from Michigan prescribed a solution to this problem.

This occurred during a Senate Finance Committee hearing where the Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, was summoned to explain the Biden administration's approach towards resolving inflation, which is at a 40-year high, and the rapidly rising gas prices.

It was during this hearing that Senator Stabenow revealed that she doesn't have to worry about high gas prices because she drives an electric car.  Stabenow added that she can't wait for more Americans to "move to vehicles that aren't going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies."

Stabenow said she did not have to fuel up while driving from her home state of Michigan to Washington, D.C.  She seemed distinctly pleased about her ideas and sported a smile as she spoke.

YouTube screen grab.

Stabenow has been a great proponent of the electric car.  She was among those who led efforts in D.C. to incentivize electric vehicles made in America and offer consumer tax credits for E.V. purchases.  She also helped secure over $16 million in funding to set up charging stations across Michigan early this year.

But Stabenow isn't the sole innovator of this solution.

That distinction goes to Biden's Transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who once said, "Families who own an electric vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again."

Not to be left behind in this race of perspicacity, Vice President Kamala Harris also talked about transitioning the nation toward "zero-emission" electric vehicles. 

Before we judge the merits of these solutions, let's look at the facts.

The average cost of an electric vehicle is around $55,000 — i.e., the price of an electric car is approximately $19,000 more than that of a regular gas-powered vehicle.  A Tesla costs around $75,000 and up. 

According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual mean wage for a full-time wage or salary worker in the United States is around $53,383 per year.

Hence, for regular Americans, the price of an electric vehicle is slightly higher than the entirety of their annual in-hand salary.  Their increasing expenditures owing to Biden's inflation make saving almost impossible.  Hence, owning an electric vehicle is quite out of the question.

For those who can afford an electric vehicle, there are practical challenges.  The number of easily accessible electric vehicle chargers that are compatible with all vehicles and technologies is not nearly enough or widespread all over the country.  An electric vehicle, at best, can function as a second vehicle to drive within the city or to nearby locations.  Regular Americans simply cannot afford this luxury.

How about the proponents of electric vehicles?

Harris's net worth is $7 million, while Buttigieg is worth $750,000.  Debbie Stabenow's net worth is $300,000; however, her husband, Tom Athan, co-founder of Democracy Radio and former executive vice chairman of Air America, is worth $5 million.

Stabenow earns around $174,000 per year, over three times more than regular Americans.  Buttigieg earns around $221,400 per year, while Harris makes $230,700.  Both Harris and Buttigieg make roughly five times more than regular Americans.

Being top officials within the government, they obviously receive copious perks and subsidies.

A virtue that liberals claim to have is empathy.  They spend every waking moment talking about their unrelenting compassion for the less fortunate.  Some voters conflate their empty words with actions.

Most human beings instinctively know not to boast about the luxuries they can afford before the less fortunate.  The utterances about electric cars by Stabenow, Harris, and Buttigieg are a perfect illustration of modern liberalism.  Their words of empathy have nothing to do with their actions or who they really are.  On some occasions, when their guards are down, they reveal their true selves.

Stabenow, Harris, and Buttigieg are career politicians.  They have lived such a cocooned life for so long that they probably have no connection with people beyond their social and professional circles.  This has eroded all their compassion for regular people, despite being from the party of empathy.

When they address protecting the environment, climate change, and electric vehicles, they see Trump-supporters, whom they regarded as bigoted and ignorant, as the obstacles that prevent them from seizing control.

The Washington ruling class has reached levels of self-righteousness and insensitivity that anybody, including its own voters, who disagrees with it is scoffed at behind closed doors, called pejorative epithets, and regarded as a nuisance that needs to be overcome.

Stabenow, Harris, and Buttigieg are probably convinced that they are superior in every way to regular Americans and hence have the right to order them to buy an expensive electric car that costs more than their annual salary. 

Stabenow probably thinks she is practicing the art of subtlety by talking about her electric vehicle without overtly recommending it to people.

This is the kind of snobbery that would probably make Marie Antoinette squirm.

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