Leftists ignore contradictions regarding abortion and vaccines

The united party of spoiled brats (AKA Progressives) is at it again — tantrums, rioting, destruction.  All because the Supreme Court made a considered, rational decision.  If nobody disciplines these unthinking idiots, when will they ever stop their tantrums?

According to our elected administration, we "birthing people" have the absolute right to dictate our bodies' reproductive actions, to determine for ourselves the fate of any pregnancy we experience.  They say we can abort any time.  That is, if we make a "mistake," act irresponsibly or impulsively, and happen to get pregnant, we can decide — in some states, any time up to actual birth — to dispose of the pesky "fetus."  Don't dare call it a gestating baby!

The self-righteous indignation and rampant rioting ignore the facts of both abortion and the law.  On the legal side of the coin, the court ruled that states have the right to make their own laws, superseding a 50-year-old contrary ruling.  We've had years to examine the dire effect of Roe v. Wade, in the form of around 61 million abortions committed since the ruling.

It's hard to look at the facts and want abortion until birth to be legal.  Science, after all, can look at the baby in the womb and measure and record its responses.  We know that by around 15 weeks, the fetus feels pain.  By 21 weeks (less than 5 months), the fetus is demonstrably a fully formed baby — one that testimony says "resists" abortion and, therefore, unquestionably becomes a murder victim when aborted.  By that point, some preemies are born and survive, their lives saved by desperate parents and decisive action by doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Yet the Progressives demand the right to terminate any pregnancy, based solely on their desire to totally accommodate the parent without thinking for a second about the child.  Women's careers are at stake, they say.

Why?  Some say it's because corporations want a workforce that isn't hindered by parenting responsibilities.  Or that it's cheaper to pay to abort than to give their workers maternity leave.  Maybe it's easier to pretend the rewards of raising a child aren't nearly as important as the ease of an unimpeded work and social life.

Image: Fetus at 21 weeks; baby getting vaccination.

Ironically, those same, currently rioting Progressives are determined to make sure nobody has the right to make other health decisions for himself, especially when it comes to their precious pandemic.  Facts are censored and scientists silenced.  The show of bureaucratic power must go on.  They forget, completely, that their abortion argument would be more valid when applied to our right to bodily autonomy with the COVID fiasco.  It's obvious, if you look at actual, uncensored facts, that incorrect, dictatorial bureaucratic shutdowns and forced "vaccination" have perpetuated the pandemic and unnecessarily destroyed the health and businesses of countless citizens, young and old

We can't walk into a store without a mask if the county or state health department so dictates.  We can't keep a job without the COVID jab, no matter that we are needed, want to work, and know beyond a doubt that the "vaccine" doesn't work at all.  We, here in California, if the state gets its way, will have zero "right" to keep our children from being pressured to take the jab at age 15, without needing parental consent.

We've had to show "vaccine passports" for long periods of time — again, despite that 100% certain fact that the "vaccine" is detrimental to our health.  Now they want to give it to babies.  I guess the abortions didn't kill enough of them.

It's very convenient to be so utterly disconnected — cause and effect mechanically separated by censorship, to the point where voices that point out accurate facts are silenced and ridiculed.  Is it any surprise we now have "sudden adult death syndrome" instead of vaccine injury?  Just watch the grotesque show of celebrities, athletes, and other public figures falling ill and, in some cases, dying. I t remains a "mystery," and you'd better get your shots!

How can someone have the right to terminate a viable life but no right to his own bodily autonomy or to keep his children safe from harm?

The Progressives riot, demonstrate, threaten, and throw tantrums.  They act like irresponsible, immature spoiled brats who must get their way no matter the facts.  Sacrificing babies to abortion and giving those who are born dangerous shots they don't need may have similar results in the long run.

Our Progressive theater of the absurd extends like the Blob in every direction, and we've been letting it do so.  Finally, the Supreme Court has pushed back.  It's a first step.  There are many more that we need to take.  I just wish more people with the wherewithal to change things realized that, when we give in to blatantly destructive behavior, we have truly descended to the basement of our humanity.

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