Just suck it up!

Puppet president Joe Biden proudly announced recently that the country is going through an "incredible transition" away from fossil fuels via high gas prices, and that "God willing, when it's over, we'll be stronger ... and less reliant on fossil fuels[.]"  In other words, just suck it up, man!  It's good for you — we're going green!

There's lots more to suck up, too.  Biden laments that the poison of white supremacy was behind the Buffalo shootings and held the gun lobby responsible for the Uvalde shooting.  Cultural changes driven largely by leftist policy and impacting mainly the young — attacks on patriotism, organized religion, traditional family, law enforcement, along with condoning criminal behavior and rioting — have nothing to do with it.  Self-immersed, disconnected youths searching for identity on social media do not form a stable social foundation.  Potential psychopaths among them who harbor the need to kill others to avenge personal grievances feel increasingly free to act out their demons.  But just suck up the cultural chaos and blame white supremacists, AR-15s, and the NRA.  That's where the votes are.

Smart, focused, and disciplined Asian high-schoolers can't get into an Ivy League school?  It's all for the attainment of diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  Just suck it up, kid.  Community college will soon be tuition-free for you.

Our incarceration rate is simply too high.  So we'll defund police departments, stop arresting shoplifters, suspend bail, show prosecutorial leniency, pardon convicted felons, and tolerate homelessness.  If your neighborhood is getting testy, just suck it up.  Criminals and the homeless are just victims of your oppressive society.  Serves you right.

Inflation, worsened by an excessive, unfocused government economic stimulus, making life miserable for folks living paycheck to paycheck?  Actually, inflation is good for us.  Consumer spending and household debt have long been out of control.  Just suck it up.  Time to tighten your belt and gain some fiscal responsibility, for your own good.

We are all to be thankful for what at first glance appear to be worrisome, even alarming, socioeconomic changes, but which on further reflection are challenging and necessary hurdles that need to be overcome in the quest for a just society.  We are indeed all fortunate to be part of this crusade.  The road to Nirvana is a rocky one.

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