Germany's experience with COVID 'vaccines' suggests they increase omicron infections

This would be hilarious if it were not so serious.  From this blog comes the map below of omicron BA.5 incidence in Germany.

The former East Germany is outlined in green, and you will note that it has a lower infection rate than the former West Germany — which reflects the different vaccination rates of the two former German republics:

The former East Germany has a lower vaccination rate than the former West Germany, and this has resulted in a lower incidence of the latest COVID variant.  It seems, though the Berlin Wall fell more than 30 years ago, the former East Germans have a memory of distrusting government pronouncements and edicts, for self-preservation.  This instinct has served them well at a time when the only reason governments bother to tell us anything is in order to lie to us.

As well as making pronouncements and issuing edicts, government health officials can lead by example.  The world's leading health bureaucrat, Anthony Fauci, has had four doses of spike protein (labeled as vaccinations) and is thus — if Germany's experience is any guide — more likely to be infected with COVID than if he had remained unvaccinated.  He has duly contracted COVID, and it seems that it is not a mild case, because he elected to take a course of paxlovid.  Paxlovid inhibits viral replication, but it also causes renal impairment, which is a more polite way of saying that it gives your kidneys a good whacking (and liver, too).  So a course of tablets — three tablets, twice a day — should be taken for only five days before the kidney damage becomes more permanent.

But paxlovid only inhibits COVID and doesn't necessarily clear it from the system.  So Dr Fauci's COVID duly rebounded, and he has elected to take a second course of paxlovid, giving his kidneys another whacking in the process.

Fauci has refused to retire, likely because of the royalties from drug companies he is getting, but a prolonged bout of COVID might finish off the little imp.  No tears will be shed, because it was he, in the interregnum between the Obama and Trump regimes, who gave the green light to EcoHealth to go off to Wuhan and do the gain of function research that resulted in the biggest pestilence since the Plague in the 14th century.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.

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