What is going on with Arizona Republicans?

Southern Arizona has a unique history and culture — one based on absolute lawlessness. As the last contiguous state to enter the Union, Arizona was the final frontier of the Wild West. It is the land of Tombstone, the site of the infamous shootout between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and a band of outlaws, and it is now the land of the cartels — the criminal enterprises tyrannizing the people of Mexico.

Now political structures, whose conduct and integrity are supposed to be beyond reproach, have been permeated by this spirit of criminality.  At its inception in 1854, the Republican Party stood resolute in promoting morality and Judeo-Christian ethics in government — virtues and positions they have long since abandoned.

In Pima County — the second largest county in the state — Republican politicians remain so dedicated to impropriety and their Establishment pals that they aren't even trying to veil it.

Last month, members of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee voted to earmark all available funds (according to a board member, that number was around $67,000) to defend the chairwoman, Shelley Kais, in her private litigation. The motion read:

I motion this body, that the Chairman and the Treasurer as they are authorized signatories on the Pima GOP bank account, to have the full authority to pay for or reimburse the Chairman for all attorney's fees and costs, associated with the lawsuit, including any appellate work[.] ... And that that motion include an amount up to whatever's in the bank account.

Money, taken from donors under the auspices of supporting Republican candidates or getting out the Republican vote, became a slush fund. Perhaps what's worse is the overwhelming support the motion received from the board — only four members stood up to the misuse of funds.

How can Republicans decry a misappropriation of American money at the hands of the Democrats when they are guilty of the same offense?

Unsurprisingly, it gets worse.

One of the most notorious state legislators is a man named Vince Leach — he cosponsored National Popular Vote legislation to hand over Arizona's sovereignty, voted to sine die as masks remained on children in schools, and co-sponsored a bill to destroy the grassroots movement in the state party. Leach now finds himself in a primary race against two others: Justine Wadsack and Robert Barr.  All three candidates affirm they are strongly for the integrity of elections — after all, the vote is one of the most sacred rights of American citizens. However, only one candidate actually made it onto the ballot honestly: Justine Wadsack. Evidence presented in subsequent lawsuits shows highly suspicious discrepancies and outright violations of state statute.

Did this fact bother the men who obtained official candidacy by crooked means? Did they seek to right the wrong and remove themselves instead of profiting off election fraud? No, absolutely not.

Establishment Republicans in southern Arizona find themselves bound together in unity but at the cost of all their principles and integrity.

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