What a post-Roe America will look like

I don't believe that as many red states will outright ban abortion as left-wing pundits, politicians, and activists suggest.  More likely, a handful will enact blanket bans; a majority will permit abortion to some limited extent; and most, if not all, true-blue states will make abortion so permissible that Ralph Northam–style post-birth murder will be state-sanctioned and applauded.

National abortion-promoting organizations that have the support of millions and billions of Benjamins will divert those funds and their efforts to providing round-trip transportation to abortion states for women residing in anti-abortion states.  Expect a cottage industry of abortion tourism to flourish.  The basic no-frills package will include round-trip transportation to an abortion state of your choosing, a three-day stay at a hotel including food and cab fare, and the abortion itself. 

Free upgrades might include your choice of mental health counseling, job counseling, or relocation counseling.  Extending your stay to accommodate those upgrades will likely be included, at least for a limited time.  Imagine choosing among spa packages, and those that include makeovers at the hippest salon, shopping sprees, and maybe even a Broadway show to help abortion travelers destress.  Let's not forget a little CBD chocolate wafer on your hotel pillow each night.

States like California will be able to kill two birds with one stone: encourage abortion-seekers to relocate out of red states to make up for the obscene numbers of Californians who have left along with their tax dollars, while providing and promoting the culture of death it seems to love. 

Advertising campaigns will attract pro-abortion individuals, especially young women, to states where they can enjoy all the abortion freedom a state like California has to offer, including abortion on demand up to and including after birth, in fully funded state-run facilities — no questions asked, and as often as desired. 

It wouldn't surprise me if these states give out stipends for abortion-seekers.  There is precedent for this, and it's one reason San Francisco is such a mess.  For many years, the City by the Bay has paid the homeless a stipend that incentivizes them to relocate from other states so they can defecate, fornicate, and shoot up on the once-beautiful streets of San Francisco.  They've made homelessness a career.  Could abortion be the next frontier in state-subsidized careers?

Don't snicker about the advertising because that isn't far-fetched, either.  To combat the millions of tax dollars that have left New York for redder states in the last two years, NYC mayor Eric Adams targeted Florida's Parental Rights in Education Bill with billboards inviting people to "come to the city where you can say whatever you want," surrounded by the words "gay gay gay" in cheery colors.   

There can be little doubt that blue states would set themselves up as sanctuary states for abortion-seekers — refugees from oppressive red states looking for a safe haven in which to terminate unwanted pregnancies.  Eric Adams–style billboards would read, "Come to the state where you can abort whenever (and as often) as you want," surrounded by little fetuses in cheery colors. 

Creative thinking in blue states will generate other perks.  Those who travel to sanctuary states for abortions will be given free housing, medical care, and legal advice, and they won't have to work, because they'll qualify for abortion relief checks and ultimately abortion welfare.  In fact, the more abortions you have, the larger the Aborted Child Tax Credit you can claim on taxes you don't even pay.

It will be abortion feel-goodism to the extreme.

Image: Elvert Barnes.

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