Top three stupidest reactions from Democrats after the leak about Roe

The brouhaha over news that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, has brought out some bonkers overreactions from Democrats, who are coming up with creative new ways of beclowning themselves.

To reiterate the backstory: Some ass with no loyalty to the Court as an institution took it upon himself to leak a draft of internal Supreme Court proceedings which indicate that the Court, on a 5-4 vote, is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, a 1973 decision so poorly laid out that even the late liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had reservations about its legal grounding.  This shouldn't be a problem for leftists, because abortion remains legal.  The only thing it does is throw the matter back to the states.  The latter can now legislate the matter according to whether their citizens want it or don't want it.  We can just guess what the blue states will decide.

That didn't stop the left from howling that the sky was falling.  Here are my top three nominations for the "most embarrassing" leftist responses:

Let's start with Chesa Boudin, the embattled leftist district attorney of San Francisco who's up for a voter recall this summer.  Here's his tweeted response:

Can you say "straw man"?  What a joke that statement is.  Nobody in Boudin's current home state of California is talking about repealing the state's extremely liberal abortion laws.  The state is governed by one party, and that status is reinforced by various kinds of electoral rigging, from outdated voter rolls to ballot-harvesting to junk mail balloting.  The GOP doesn't even run candidates anymore in many races.  Why Boudin thinks  Democrats, with their iron grip on the state, are suddenly about to criminalize abortion based on this leaked Supreme Court document is ridiculous.  Does the Chicago carpetbagger who once worked for Hugo Chávez not know that much about this state?  And worse, does he not understand the implications of the law and the low impact it would have?  That's not a good look in a district attorney and graduate of whatever fancy law school he went to — turns out it was wokester Yale, home of a lot of leftist shout-down maniacs and "ends-justify-the-meansradicals.

What Boudin's doing is grandstanding, whipping up support from leftists to get all the lefties to rally 'round him in a fake crisis in order to save him from his summer recall, based on the actual issue, which is his failure to prosecute criminals.  Fake crises were cynical things Hugo Chávez used to do over in Caracas to distract from the country's real problems.  All we need now is for young Chesa to declare that his political opponents are trying to kill him.

Meanwhile, Chesa's assuring us that he'll never prosecute women who get abortions, which is not only a non-issue legislatively, but also a non-issue for his office in particular.  Since when has Chesa ever prosecuted anyone?

Now let's move on to another California denizen from the East Coast: the one and only Maria Shriver, "devout" Catholic, scion of the Kennedy clan, and former first lady of California, at least until Arnold started sleeping around with the Guatemalan maid.

Here's her unfortunate tweet:

Did she say "Mother's Day"?  As in, mother who has a live baby, not one sitting dead in a sink and cut up and sold for spare parts?  What "mother" could advocate for killing babies, and do women who abort their children and leave them gasping for breath in buckets until they die and get swept out as "medical waste" actually celebrate Mother's Day?

What she was doing here was trying the old cynical Kennedy spiel of fair-haired family and touch-football for the cameras — mom, motherhood, apple pie — and attempting to tie it to women who abort their children and then dust their hands off, having gotten rid of a "problem."  Sorry, lady: Women who "don't want to be mothers" as Planned Parenthood puts it, and who resolve their "issue" the Planned Parenthood way, aren't exactly "mothers," not having anyone to get presents and kisses from on Mother's Day.  Yet Shriver actually brought up Mother's Day as an argument for abortion on demand.  What kind of dimwit is this?

Meanwhile, we also have Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who didn't bring up abortion as a form of motherhood; she just had a hot-pink tantrum.  Get a load:

My, my — that cracking voice, that finger repeatedly jabbing downward, the way two-year-olds in high dudgeon like to do.  What a visual. 

And what a foolish woman, given that her latest home state, Massachusetts, is about as likely to change the state abortion law if Roe is overturned as California is.  Who in her home state is not going to be able to get an abortion?  Is she stupid?  Or is she grandstanding, trying to whip up hysteria among Democrats?  Obviously, it's the latter, given that just two days ago, she was bemoaning Democrats' grim election prospects in November.  Well, now we know how she whips up the Democrats — with toddler tantrums.  What does that say about what she thinks about her voters?  She, too, is ridiculous.

These leftists in their various states of tantrum and grandstanding are a creative bunch, having thought up so many different ways of making utter fools of themselves.  However, they're all so cynical that they are as likely to repel independent voters as they are to attract them.  Seems hysteria and misinformation are useful tools for whipping up far-left political support.  Just don't count on it to win elections.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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