Too late to talk gun control in Buffalo

As expected, the Democrats came out talking about more gun control.  It's all they do after one of these terrible incidents, like the horrible shooting in Buffalo.

Yet two things happened in New York.  The first one is that a mentally unstable young man was allowed to legally buy a gun.  The second one is that New York's gun laws did not work.

Let's look at this young man, Payton S. Gendron.  He was walking around with a message on his forehead: stop me before I kill somebody!  He was incredibly outside the police radar, as we see in this report

In the Discord posts — eventually shared more widely on the hate-filled 4chan online forum — the alleged gunman wrote he visited the supermarket three times March 8 to survey its layout. 

He also wrote he used Google's graph feature for a location's "popular times" to determine the busiest times at the store.

Among the Discord posts, which run from mid-November to May, Gendron wrote he chose the ZIP code in Buffalo because it was the one with the greatest percentage of Black people that's relatively near his home in Conklin, New York. The cities are about 230 miles apart.

The police should have known about Discord and that these messages were being posted.  Where were the kid's parents?  Didn't they know that their son was a time bomb?  What about his friends?  He was posting, and I assume that some people were following him.  Why didn't someone call the police?  Everyone on his "followers" list is responsible for failing to report what Payton was up to.

The second thing that happened is that New York's gun laws did not really work.  The Democrats are desperately changing the subject to white supremacy.  However, the families of the dead deserve an explanation rather than another round of executive orders.  It's obvious that "red flags" did not work, and that's what the focus should be.

Stop talking about white supremacy and more gun control, and explain to people why the authorities did such a lousy job of protecting them.

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Image: Fibonacci Blue.

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