There's a malevolent logic to Biden's much-desired Iran agreement

I view Iran as an irrational and implacable enemy of Israel and its Jews.  Without Israel, visible Jews would have no safe space in the world.  So why would Israel's supposed friend, Obama-Biden, support a weak agreement that will in a short time lead to Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons?

I believe that the agreement's weaknesses were not bugs, but features.  The U.S. government and others among Western European nations, including the European Union itself, want Iran to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and if war breaks out, no one will care who wins.  What they want is to precipitate a crisis so they can take advantage of it.

Anyone who denies the invidiousness of the Obama-Biden administration needs to wake up.  These seeming bumpkins set the U.S. southern border on fire, caused the impoverishment of Americans through raising energy prices, increased crime by refusing to punish it, helped an already evil Russian government justify its slaughter of Ukrainians by pushing Putin into a military and political corner, supported the Chinese communists against the best interest of the American people in too many ways to count, and supported the destruction of American values by printing and distributing our fiat currency to its leftist and corporate political cronies.

If war breaks out between Iran and Israel, both countries can be squeezed, perhaps to death, by an irate world led by the United States and the E.U. because both Iran and Israel are too independent for the world's up-and-coming new universal political system.  Both countries have stated clearly that they will not accept domination by anyone else.

The mullahs believe that it is their destiny to rule as much of the world as they can get their hands on.  Israelis more modestly wish to maintain the independence of their spectacularly successful and happy country.  If Iran and Israel can be weakened through war, even involving the use of nuclear weapons, it would cause a loss of functionality, population, wealth, and military strength.  They could then become the playthings of the New World Order — that is, if they were still marginally viable after their conflict.

Unfortunately, most of the international squeezing would be directed at Israel because Iran's 75 million people represent a larger market for the world's goods, and they have precious oil and gas that can be exchanged for those manufactured products.  On the other hand, Israel represents a competitor for such lucrative markets as the weapons trade, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agricultural technology, digital technology, banking and financial services, and medical advances.  From this understanding, I conclude that, for those free of the burden of conscience, promoting war between Iran and Israel is a no-brainer. How so?

Image by Andrea Widburg.

As Israel develops highly effective defensive strategies and technologies, wars will become less destructive of expensive systems and infrastructure, reducing the need for replacement and perhaps making kinetic wars an outdated strategy for attaining world dominance.  If wars become obsolete, there will be fewer crises that would require international intervention.  (Given Russia's experience with its vulnerable tanks, I doubt it will be investing much in them anytime soon.)  How, then, will arms manufacturers survive, and how will governments retain control of their citizenry without the threats of war and war itself?

In the same vein, pharmaceutical products must never be curative, but merely ameliorative.  If diabetes could be cured, what would happen to the manufacturers of insulin?  The same goes for all other chronic health conditions.  Israel is a loose cannonball on the deck of the pharmaceutical industry landscape.  If its researchers follow their scientific hunches and then attempt to commercialize their findings without regard to the economic damage they can cause, crises such as COVID-19 would be less effective in transferring wealth from the government to private corporations.  (See Enovid Nasal Spray.)

Agricultural technology and instruction from Israel empower people who might otherwise have to import food from other countries and could make them into exporters of their own surpluses.  Such "advances" in food production represent both economic and political challenges for the understanding of who controls whom in the agricultural world.

Israel is one of five countries in the world that is making advances in quantum computers that cannot be hacked.  Such advances are intolerable to the intelligence communities of the world, particularly when the technology is in the hands of this Up-Start Nation.  (Israel is actually known as the Start-Up Nation.)

This little pipsqueak of a country, Israel, needs to be hauled into submission.  What better way than to drag it into an expensive and enervating war that will require it to become dependent on Obama-Biden noblesse oblige?  Not speculation!  America's failure to replace defensive Iron Dome missiles immediately following the last Gaza confrontation with Hamas left Israel vulnerable.  It mattered not one iota that Israel helped set up production facilities for the Iron Dome rocket in the United States.

It is this highly valued and sought-after vulnerability that is what drives Obama-Biden's policies toward Israel.  Who lives and dies has no meaning to politicians who fight the very concept of "meaning" in their chaotic worldview.  Only control counts!

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