The worst examples ever of Murphy's law

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" is the gist of Murphy's law.  For examples, we can't do better than to look at our borders coupled with COVID policy, where we'll see how these current "policies" go, predictably, wrong.

Take yesterday's headline, for instance: a rise in cases of TB in Washington State.  Are we letting in people with tuberculosis and not even screening them?  If you recall your history, people with TB infections were isolated or even sent back from Ellis Island in the 19th century.

Is the apparent diminution of the immune system caused by repeated "vaccination," leaving people vulnerable?  That's harder to prove because there's been a concerted effort to hide such things, which don't match the political narrative.

There are alarming reports of rising cases of hepatitis in children all over the world.  Not something you'd expect.  Not a localized event that could be attributed neatly to our over-the-border aliens.  Why?

People don't seem interesting in seeking answers.  They're content with information being purposely obfuscated by our government and media.

The article I linked, above, on hepatitis states that it's unlikely that COVID has anything to do with this mystery outbreak.  Not a single mention of whether the children involved are, or are not, vaccinated.  Why not?  Wouldn't it be good to know?

Instead, the relentless push to vaccinate everyone continues, despite the relevant data that children are at little risk from COVID.  Here in California, after losing in court, the city of Piedmont was just forced to drop its mandate that all children over 5 years old have the jab to attend public school.  The city brags that 97% of its student body has been "vaccinated" "against" COVID.

The "vaccine" doesn't prevent the virus, nor does it prevent an infected individual from passing it on to others.  Nor, apparently, does it prevent severe disease if one gets the virus.  But that's a very inconvenient truth.

Just as inconvenient as the facts on masking, which prove that the harm it does outweighs any possible benefit.  One of the most eloquent statements I heard on that lately was from Dr. Marty Makary, who said,

When you have doctors aggregating in auditoriums doing their lectures and conferences, then at social events with hundreds of people not wearing masks, what does that tell you about the public health guidance that we've gotten?

I still see countless people wearing face diapers — indoors, outdoors, in their cars, and forcing them on their children.  Asked to cite a reason, most reply that they are "deathly afraid of COVID."

Image: Happy vaccinated people?  Not so fast.  Vector (edited) by storyset, on Freepik.

If people were allowed to see that COVID is not as deadly and dangerous as they think — that there are excellent treatments for it — maybe they'd relax.  That doesn't match the narrative, which must be maintained, to keep the EUA for the "vaccine" or the fear-mongering about masks.

I've seen countless articles that call masking into question, and not a single one backs up the idea that masking healthy individuals has a positive effect.  This paper in Primary Doctor Medical Journal discusses the dangers from the fibers in masks entering the lungs.

It's entirely possible that continuing to "vaccinate" is the only way to continue our pandemic.  Why?  Because the vaccinated have less robust immune systems and, therefore, are less able to fight off illness.  All you need to see to prove this is statistics on hospitalization and deaths of COVID patients around the world where, countering the popular myth, two to three times as many people are sickening and dying vaccinated versus unvaccinated.  Hat tip to Steve Kirsch for sending on some great info.  This includes Mark Steyn's explanation of some statistics from Great Britain:

So, the triple-vaccinated in March were responsible for just over a million Covid cases and everybody else 475,000 Covid cases. So, the triple-vaccinated are contracting Covid at approximately twice the rate of the double, single and unvaccinated. Got that? If you get the booster shot, you've got twice as high a chance of getting the Covid. In the United Kingdom, there's twice as many people with the third booster shot who got the Covid as the people who never had the booster shot.

Here's some more info Kirsch provided from the USA, via that great vaccinator, Walgreens.  Finally, if you can wade through it, here's an extensive and detailed exploration of all the diseases that have been increasing since vaccination began.

We know that "excess mortality" is up all over the world where vaccines have been given.  This is mortality that doesn't come from COVID, but from vaccine-induced problems of the heart, circulatory system, reproductive system, and nervous system.  And, perhaps, the TB and hepatitis that are rearing their ugly heads.

The only way we can really find out what's happening is if the government stops burying information.  I'm not holding my breath about that happening.  And what I do know is that Murphy's law is alive and kicking in 2022.

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