The race-centered society strikes again

Last Saturday's mass shooting was both foreseeable and preventable, but not in the manner you might think.

First, let's start with what we know about Saturday's events:

  1. An 18-year-old shot and killed black people whom he targeted.
  2. The individual (we won't use his name so as not to empower him) was the subject of a mental health investigation last year while in high school.
  3. We don't know what radicalized him, but we do know he was very active on social media.
  4. We can also reasonably assume that this individual's perception of reality was guided by confusing and emotional arguments dealing with the idea of "Replacement Theory."

These are the facts.  But they don't tell the story.  You have to ask yourself, how is our society creating so many defective individuals who somehow think they are heroes for taking other people's lives?  What empowers them?  What allows them to not only exist, but to thrive in today's America?

America has become a race-centered society.  Republicans don't see things through a lens of race; Democrats do.  Their litmus test of fairness is the equality of results.  Keep in mind that Republicans freed the slaves, and Democrats founded the KKK.  Democrat policies encourage race-baiting.  They have discriminated against people "of color" for more than 150 years while screaming at the top of their lungs how much they love minorities.

Look at the stillborn product of their efforts.  After embracing black people and essentially adopting them through the Great Society programs created in the '60s and even more supercharged today, many blacks are economically, socially, and criminally still on the bottom rung of the ladder.  Blacks used to enjoy the same intact families that whites did.  Now intact black families are far too rare.  We reap what we sow.

America's focus on race is a cancer.  America can't guarantee success, but it can guarantee an equal start — but only if we are race-neutral in our thinking.  With trillions of dollars spent on programs designed to equalize results, the opposite has happened.  A truly neutral outside observer would have to conclude that the vast majority of government programs created a society of dependent individuals, black, brown, and increasingly white.  Was that their intent?

If it is so obvious, then why is the Democrat party continually doubling down on this tactic?  The saddest fact of all is that the shooting that occurred in Buffalo is an exploitable event.  See Biden going to Buffalo to "heal" people and to use this to advance other agendas, also designed to increase his standing and that of Democratic candidates.

The worst travesty I can think of is the message sent to young impressionable minds, both black and white, that who they are is largely determined by the color of their skin.  What a horrible statement that is.  While seldom stated out loud, it is painfully obvious that the government is communicating loud and clear to minorities, "You can't make it on your own, you need us to pave the way and reserve a special place in line because you are not worthy on your own."  I can't imagine the irreparable harm this message does to the psyche of black people.  The messaging directed at white people is they are no more than potential slave-owners who are irredeemably white, and thus their misplaced anger is unleashed on innocent people of color, as a direct result of the government manipulating people's minds at a very basic level.

Perhaps the message should be "leave us alone to succeed or fail on our own."  The question is, can we be free when so many decisions are made on a basis of race?  Our leaders who perpetuate this lie are the real villains who have the blood of the Buffalo victims on their hands.  We do no one any favors when we don't tell the truth.

Image: Rcragun.

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