The Cuellar vs. Cisneros runoff is all about the future of the Democrat party

Down in South Texas, you may be seeing the future of the Democrat Party — i.e., the energetic left versus whatever centrist is left in the ranks.  My friend George Rodriguez, a South Texas political analyst, feels that Cuellar will pull it out somehow.  The final first-round result was 48.66% for Cuellar and 46.62% for Cisneros.

The Cisneros campaign is attacking Cuellar all over, from radio to TV.  Someone is going to win, and someone is going to lose, but can the Democrat Party recover?  This is from the Texas Tribune:

"The stakes are very high," said Jose Borjon, a Washington-based lobbyist originally from South Texas who once worked for Cuellar and continues to support him.

"This is a huge deal for Democrats," he added, suggesting that this race serves as a proxy fight amid a larger divide within the party nationally. "It's a huge deal for the mood of our country. It's a huge deal in politics… because it pits progressive policies espoused by Cisneros over more centrist policies espoused by Cuellar."

What makes this runoff so interesting is that Cuellar and Cisneros are worlds apart on abortion, the border, immigration policies, etc.

If Cuellar wins, what happens to the Cisneros voters?  Are they going to bottle up their anger at Cuellar and cast a vote for him in the general election?  My guess is that many will stay home or find some independent party — say, the Green Party — to support.

If Cisneros wins, then there is a good chance that this district flips red in a red wave year.

The future of the Democrat party is at stake down in South Texas.

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Image: William Herndon.

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