The Green New Deal's racism

Since the cry of "racism!" is always the response from progressives to criticism of their idiocy, consider this, please.  The war against fossil fuels and the green agenda climate change hoax being promoted by white American and European elitists are the most racist global policies in existence today.

The cornerstone of economic and social development and the subsequent rise from poverty and hunger of most of the world's population has been the access to cheap and abundant energy.

The unstated but obvious policy of Biden and other idiots like him is to destroy the petroleum industry through regulations, restricting exploration, and denial of transportation.

The impact on the rich is negligible.  Kerry and Obama will still jet around the world spewing nonsense.  The impact on the middle and lower classes will be difficult, but we won't starve.

However, as oil prices continue to soar, the impact on the Third World (mostly non-white people) will be monstrous.  Food and fuel riots have already begun and are likely to expand as the production of fertilizer becomes more and more expensive as well as a reduction in the Ukrainian harvest and wheat exports from Russia.

Apparently, the climate change advocates hope to save the planet by helping to kill off non-white people.  Isn't that racism?

Graphic credit: S__grafik Pixabay license.

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