Woke sex ed in schools is insane all over — and it won't win

Yet another news story about some liberal outrage reached a friend, who replied by saying, "I can't believe the world I am living in!"

What an understatement.  She was reacting to the latest public school outrage, where it was discovered that kindergartners got a homework assignment to masturbate, then report back to the teacher.  Nothing prurient about that, is there?

Parents are justifiably outraged, but how did it come to this, that teachers believe this is OK?  For that matter, how did so much else of what is going on in America happen?  Were we that unaware, that somnolent?

The left is toppling every edifice and foundation of decency, decorum, and morality that America has successfully lived by for centuries.

Sexual practices of all kinds were once private matters.  Then someone decided that sexual practices should be shared with people, whose protestations of TMI (too much information) were ignored.  In case the message was not received by the left, we are not interested in what you do in your bedroom.  That is a private matter.  But no, apparently we must know.  They insist we know.  And furthermore, they insist we embrace and approve of it as well.

In truth, we don't care; we don't want to know; and in some cases, we don't approve.  In short, keeping it to yourself is the better part of sensibility.  But the sex-obsessed left demands that we care.  Leftists demand, demand, demand to a point where now, being transsexual, gay, bisexual, and all other flavors of sexuality and gender makes for medicine we must take for our own good.  They truly believe that their sex and gender proclivities are of interest to us, and besides, they are good for everyone.  Take it, be glad, it will make you a better person.

Were you aware that a "Menstrual Dignity Act" is in effect?  Yes, indeed.  In Oregon, schools now provide menstrual products in boys' bathrooms, probably because some women who identify as men still need tampons.

Question: If a trans man is a man, as they so often shout at us, why would such a "man" need tampons?  Answer: How dare you?

Were you aware that Calvin Klein, haute couture maven, just hired a "pregnant man" for a new ad campaign?  With "top-surgery" (mastectomy) scars still visible, the woman is clearly pregnant, complete with beard and hairy chest.  The glowing partner is a man passing as a woman.  The ad campaign speaks in giddy terms about "the realities of new families."  In truth, it is the reality of delusion.  Not wishing to offend, but a woman who truly believes she is a man (or vice-versa) is delusional and in need of psychiatric help.  She does not need to have her pathology normalized and lauded.  That is cruel, not enlightened.

Were you aware that in order to know what a woman is, you must be a biologist?  None other than the newest SCOTUS justice, a woman, declared when asked what a woman is that she doesn't know because (smiling) she is "not a biologist."  In light of that glittering logic, I cannot tell you what a dog is because I am not a vet.  I can't tell you what a banana is because I am not a plant biologist.  I can't tell you what a computer is because I am not Mark Zuckerberg.  And I can't tell you what private parts a man has because I am not one.  Would that private parts remained private, but no, not in America in the Year 2022.

According to abortion activists, men should not speak about the abortion issue because they don't have a uterus.  Well, there go Ignatz SemmelweisFreudMasters & JohnsonAlfred Kinsey, and Gregor Mendel. By that logic, anyone who is not a bacterium should not do microbiology.

Are you aware that a man dressed in a woman's bathing suit has singlehandedly destroyed women's long-held swimming speed records, and Americans allowed it to happen?  Of course you are.  And yet only 18 states have banned men in women's sports.  Allowing men in women's sports is not rational, fair, or sane.  Even "Caitlyn" Jenner said this is not fair.

Did you know that "defunding the police" is viewed by the left as solving the crime problem?  Leftists and Democrats describe minority communities as being "overpoliced," which they view as a bad thing.  Their solution is to cut police in the areas where crime is highest, raising the crime rate and putting residents at more risk than when the police were ubiquitous.  Aside from being irrational, which the left doesn't really care about, the idea is deliberately destructive.  Defunding the police would be the same as demanding that in order to solve the problem of voter fraud, you call for the removal of the voting machines.  (Maybe this would not be a bad idea if they were replaced by paper ballots.)

In short, the world has gone stark raving mad.  It has become a looking glass world, and we are all Alices.  Nothing is as it was.  Nothing is as it should be.  Things are infinitely worse, and those making it worse believe they are making it better.  Reason no longer matters.  Logic is anachronistic.  Hypocrisy is a concept largely ignored by hypocrites.

The craziness has gone too far.  People, having awakened to the destructive effects leftist insanity has wrought, are shaking off their lethargy, asking what they can do to reverse this tide, and are actually doing it.  And we're doing it everywhere in this country.  Fighting back has never felt so good, especially knowing that the great majority of Americans agree with us.  We will win with two weapons: activism and God.  One without the other won't work.  We cannot simply say, "God is in control."  He is, but He has given us tools to use to gain that control.

Prayer and spiritual warfare are hugely powerful weapons.  In the absence of honor and decency, reason and rationale, prayer is our go-to weapon.  Combine this with a necessary political activism, and we will not lose this culture war.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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