The Biden administration continues the Democrat war against Mike Flynn

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, Obama's Deep State went after General Michael Flynn, whom Trump had named as his national security adviser.  After falsely accusing him of colluding with the Russians, the DOJ prosecuted him for lying to the FBI (and threatened his son), and when that case collapsed, the judge refused to allow the DOJ to dismiss the case.  Even though he was vindicated, the legal process impoverished Flynn.  You'd think that, with his honorable career and his finances destroyed, that would have been enough for the left, but it wasn't.  Now Biden's Department of Defense is trying to force Flynn to return speaking fees from 2015.

Just the News has the story, which it sums up as follows:

The Biden Pentagon recently alerted retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn it plans to recoup from him nearly $40,000 he received for attending a dinner in Moscow in 2015, claiming he didn't clear the speaking fee in advance and therefore violated the Constitution's Emoluments Clause. But documents from Russia special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation tell a far different story.

The documents, reviewed by Just the News, show Flynn in fact alerted his former agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, ahead of the dinner and got approval to use the trip to spy on Russia's leadership and specifically its GRU military intelligence unit.

The operation was blessed in advance by senior DIA officials, including Vincent Stewart, the Marine general who had succeeded Flynn as DIA chief. The former Trump administration national security adviser was even given tasking orders and a counterintelligence briefing before he departed for Moscow in December 2015.

You can read the details here, including the fact that Flynn was officially debriefed after the speaking gig.

Leftists — and today's Democrats are hard leftists — don't limit themselves to the traditional American practice of voting politicians out of office and making them take their top officials with them.  Instead, in true Stalinist fashion, when leftists have forced someone out of politics, whether the person was elected or appointed, they continue to do whatever it takes to destroy the person, ensuring that he can never rise up in politics again.

Image: Michael Flynn.  Rumble screen grab.

We see the same thing in the Marc Elias–inspired effort to use the Disqualification Clause in Article 3 of the 14th Amendment as a legal vehicle by which to prevent popular Republican politicians, such as Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorne, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs, from even appearing on the ballots.  It's an obviously bogus assertion, since (a) the clause was manifestly intended to address people who had served the Confederacy in a four-year-long war that left 600,000 Americans dead, and (b) the clause was repealed when two-thirds of the House, in 1872, enacted the Amnesty Act.

Niceties such as the law and decencies such as not kicking a man when he's down are foreign to leftists.  If a Republican is down (or could be brought down), Democrats willingly abuse the law and then kick him as hard as they can to keep him from ever returning to politics or even having a decent life outside politics.  Meanwhile, on the Democrat side of the aisle, people who have been proven to engage in heinous, corrupt, illegal, and debauched behavior get book deals (all of them), million-dollar art shows (Hunter Biden), and well-paid television gigs (most of them).

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