Texas memo to Biden-Harris

Down in South Texas, everybody is still waiting for Kamala and Joe, AKA V.P. Harris and President Biden, in case you forgot who they are.  We heard from a mayor in South Texas, and this is what he is saying:

The mayor of a Texas border community said Friday it is "disappointing" not to hear from the federal government, President Biden, or VP Harris about the border crisis.

Rolando Salinas, the Democratic mayor of Eagle Pass, joined "Fox & Friends" to address the lack of support from the Biden administration to secure the southern border.

The mayor described his city as a "hotspot" for illegal immigration.

In your face, Joe and Kamala — or, more respectfully, President Biden and V.P. Harris!

Mayor Salinas is making two points:

First, we can't handle a surge like this.  This is not a party issue, but rather common sense, the kind of thinking that a mayor understands but a politician secluded in Washington, D.C. does not.

Second, the people living in South Texas are taking President Biden's indifference personally.  In other words, they live there.  The surge is straining their public resources, from police to infrastructure.  Again, they are offended when the federal government does not respect them.

Do you want to understand why the GOP is gaining in South Texas?  The answer is not really blowing in the wind, but rather sitting in the Oval Office.

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Image: Cory Doctorow.

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