Biden's new press secretary raises serious conflict-of-interest questions

A couple of days ago, it was announced that Karin Jean-Pierre will take over as White House press secretary from next Friday, the 13th.

Democrats usually celebrate when even a solitary "diversity" criterion is satisfied.  Barack Obama was celebrated for being just the first black president.  The celebrations hit the next level when an additional factor was satisfied.  Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson were celebrated for being female and black. 

Psaki introduces her successor, May 5, 2022.  (YouTube screen grab).

But this time, not one or two, but three criteria were satisfied.  Jean-Pierre just happens to be female, black, and from the LGTBQ community.

It must be remembered that when the Democrats boast about inclusion and diversity, their focus is solely on the attributes such as race, sex, and sexual orientation, which are by virtue of birth or sexuality.  Never is any diversity of thoughts and ideas tolerated; total conformity is mandatory to join this club.

Every news report about Jean-Pierre's appointment came with information about her race and sexual orientation.  What receives scant mention is her education and her career. 

She grew up in a New York Haitian working-class neighborhood.  Her father was a taxi driver and her mother a health care worker.  Yet she obtained a B.S. from the New York Institute of Technology and her master's from Columbia University. 

Her personal life had its share of challenges with her family initially not being accepting of her sexuality, which she says caused her to attempt suicide.

Despite her struggles, she managed to work her way up the Democrat hierarchy.  She worked in far-left advocacy groups such as and the ACLU and liberal media houses such as MSNBC and NBC. 

She was a key political director in the Obama administration.  Prior to joining the White House press team, she was chief of staff to Kamala Harris.  Next week she becomes the White House press secretary.  

She is a hardcore Democrat who subscribes to the groupthink and frequently wallows in victimhood.

But there is a positive message for minorities here: education and work experience are the sole way to upliftment. 

The fact that the Democrats and the media chose to focus on her race and sexual orientation and not so much on her education and career shows where the party is today.

They celebrate only those attributes that can be turned into victimhood, that can eventually be used to silence critics.  Education and achievements comes in a distance second place.

However, there is a major concern with Jean-Pierre's appointment, which few in the media have focused on, obviously.

The media coverage celebrated Jean-Pierre's sexual orientation, but there was scant mention of her domestic partner.


Because she happens to be prominent CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux.

A White House press secretary in a long-term relationship with a prominent media personality is a blatant case of conflict of interest in both appearance and substance.  It is blatantly unethical of the White House to offer Jean-Pierre the job, and it was unethical of her to accept the position. 

But ethics and morals have no place in the world of Democrats.

If conflict of interest really mattered to the Democrats, Hunter Biden's myriad shady business ties in foreign countries would have prevented Joe Biden from having a career in public service.

CNN's record on such matters isn't exactly stellar.  Now-axed CNN host Chris Cuomo had his brother Andrew on his show quite regularly while they indulged in brotherly banter, and nobody at CNN objected.  It was eventually revealed that Chris was advising his brother, then-governor Andrew Cuomo, on how to deal with his sex scandals while working at CNN.

With Jean-Pierre, the situation is likely to be similar.

The reason Jean-Pierre's links with the media haven't been mentioned even in some right-leaning media is that the Democrats' news media ties are now accepted as obvious.  In fact, it would be erroneous to regard the mainstream media as an independent body influenced by the Democrats.  The current mainstream media should be thought of as a department or a wing within the Democrat party.

This explains why the persons in the mainstream media have identical views, despite working in different outlets.  It's not only the views, but even the phraseology to describe occurrences that is often identical.  Words such as "collusion," "insurrection," "post-truth," and "Alt-Right" weren't just a coincidence.  An adept wordsmith among the Democrats dictated these words, and the media assiduously used them so frequently that even Republicans, at times unknowingly, use these terms.

The CNN-Cuomo scandal was nothing out of the ordinary.  The reason action was taken is that their display was brazen, and most importantly, the Democrat leadership wanted Andrew Cuomo out.  

The corruption and malpractice in the media are so widespread the link between Jean-Pierre and CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux may not even matter.  Jean-Pierre is merely a cog in the vast machinery.

Will Malveaux leak information to Jean-Pierre to make her work easier?

Leaks are required only when there is an adversarial relationship or a distance between the establishment and the media.  CNN's function is to make the Democrats look good.  Jean-Pierre will not need to rely on leaks from her partner because she will get all the information she needs from each and every mainstream media outlet without challenge.  In fact, the information will be provided even if it isn't requested, as in inter-departmental communications.

It is most unfortunate that matters have deteriorated to such an extent that this link between the White House and the media is not a major issue.

As a news consumer, you have to continue to presume every word emanating from both Jean-Pierre and the news media to be false until proven true.

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