Simple statutory solutions to social problems

Now it’s a mass shooting Buffalo! Is it ever going to end? Are the school shootings, mall shootings, and subway shootings destined to be with us forever?

And how about the police shootings? In Grand Rapids, Atlanta, and Colorado Springs a white cop shoots a black man. When is this going to end?

And the same with the woke grooming of school kids. We can elect new school boards, but the grooming continues. Do we have to put up with this forever?

No, we don’t. For many grave social problems, there are simple statutory solutions. The key is to understand and address the underlying dynamics of the problem. Let’s look at the three mentioned above: mass shootings (in school or elsewhere), police shootings, and school grooming. Applying the principle “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved”, let’s strive for an accurate understanding of the underlying dynamics of the problem.

1. Consider mass shootings. Our would-be masters from the left say that the problem here is the presence of firearms. No, no, no, that’s not it at all. The real dynamic is the belief of the gunman that he will be the only one at the scene with a firearm. History shows that he is 99% correct in that belief. Eliminate that belief and the problem of mass shootings will evaporate. And we can eliminate that belief by enacting a statute that authorizes and encourages all able-bodied men and women to carry openly in public.

Image: Smart idea by freepik.

2. Consider police shootings of black men. Our would-be masters from the left say that the problem here is that the police are racist and we need to eliminate the police. To engage in that debate is to descend into a quagmire.

But what exactly is the problem? By the problem, I don’t mean the technical legal question of whether the officer violated the law, a question that is one for lawyers to argue. Instead, I mean the fundamental problem presented in all of these cases that are ripping apart the fabric of our society, a deep underlying dynamic that is present in all these cases. That underlying dynamic is white-on-black policing. Eliminate white-on-black policing and the problem goes away. Let the police work in white/black teams. When the contact is black the black officer takes the lead; when the contact is white, the white officer takes the lead. Result: problem vanishes.

3. Consider the school boards’ inability to stop the grooming. Why is that? Why are the boards under the control of the unholy trinity of the university departments of education, the state department of education, and the teachers’ unions? The answer is simple. The school board’s hands are tied by state law, which mandates (1) that the boards may hire only certified teachers, and (2) that the local boards must follow the rules and regulations laid down by the state education department. Those two mandates guarantee that a local school board (1) must hire the woke, and (2) must implement wokism in the school. These laws are the central dynamic of the problem. Repealing those laws will put the boards back in charge.

I know, I know! someone is accusing me of making something simple out of something very complicated. To that charge, I plead guilty. I say the problem is very simple and easily solved.

A problem well stated….

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