Pro-abortion signs highlight ignorance, inanity, vulgarity

An extraordinarily high percentage of the signs wielded by pro-abortion demonstrators are mind-bogglingly dumb and/or nonsensical.  One of these inane sentiments (see below) has prompted me to write this post.  That sign/sentiment?  "Guns have more rights than my vagina." 

Really?  Let's examine the facts.  First of all, it must be noted that the vast majority of gun-owners don't stick a penis in their gun's barrel and climax in it.  They do have to subject themselves to a thorough background check by the feds, answer more than a dozen probing questions, fill out a 2-page form, and hand over several hundred dollars or more before they can take their firearms home with them.  Oh, and they are also forced to present a current, valid, government-issued ID!  (I don't know how so many minority gun-owners accomplish this feat!)

Moreover, firearms owners are prohibited from taking their guns into many public and private places.  By contrast, vagina-owners are generally free to travel wherever they wish to go.  None of the demented sign-carrying "ladies" have ever walked into, say, a library or retail outlet and seen a sign saying, "This is a vagina-free zone."  So back off, rabidly ignorant and entitled placard-possessing protesters.  If you don't want a baby, don't recklessly engage in the act that creates them.

Otherwise, you become a greater threat to life than any firearm.

And speaking of rights, are you absolutely sure a baby in your vagina has none?

Abort your signs, not your babies.

Photo credit: Twitter.

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