Patti Lupone perfectly demonstrates everything that's wrong with the left

This past week, the enormously talented fifty-year veteran of Broadway musicals Patti Lupone went on a foul-mouthed rant at a member of the audience of the musical Company, in which she is currently appearing.  Of course, she did.  There is no allowing for an opposing thought or behavior in the theater world.  If there are conservatives anywhere on Broadway, on stage, or behind the curtains, they will keep their opinions to themselves for fear of losing their jobs.  Such is the state of things in the film and television world in Hollywood as well.  Virtue-signaling intolerance is the order of the last several decades, no matter how much damage done to American culture and psyche.  Liberalism, in the true sense of the word, has not existed in the film and theater world for ages.

Patti Lupone onstage in Company (YouTube screen grab).

Lupone noticed that a member of the audience had his mask below his nose, and that was too much for the unmasked diva to bear.  This is now, this past week, May 2022!  COVID is over, the masks have been proven worthless in preventing transmission, and the vaccines have most definitely failed.  Walgreens recently reported that among those COVID-tested at their pharmacies, the most vaxxed more often tested positive, while the unvaccinated more often tested negative.  Rates of COVID Positivity 4/27–5/3:

Not Vaccinated – 16.3%
1 Dose – 21.5%
2 Dose – 26.7%
3 Dose 30.1%

The hesitancy of the unvaxxed has proven wise.

But among the mind-numbed, successfully indoctrinated, it does not matter how many studies prove the lack of efficacy of masks; they refuse to accept that science, which happens to be real. 

The Patti Lupones of the world feel no compunction with regard to assaulting, physically or verbally, anyone who dares to reject their truth.  That she felt entitled to publicly verbally attack a paying member of her audience is a sad commentary on the manners of our elite.  We've all met or been confronted by these deluded folks.  They confront us at the grocery store, libraries, and in elevators if we are not six feet from them, or while walking our dogs. 

This faux "pandemic" infected, or at least exposed, millions of Americans who embrace a brand of authoritarianism we never knew existed among our friends and neighbors.  Perhaps that was the plan all along: weaponize the gullible, demonize the discerning.

Lupone apparently has a long-standing reputation for having a foul mouth.  Hillary Clinton has a similar reputation.  The saddest thing of all is that many other members of the audience applauded her embarrassing outburst.  Incivility is now something to be celebrated, even among the wealthy and privileged who attend Broadway plays.  The price of admission ranges between $89 and $329 a seat.  The folks who can afford these seats applauded Lupone's outburst as if she were a great lady of the stage, like Angela Lansbury, for example — a woman who never, ever would have stooped to such a despicable low.

Patti Lupone is a truly gifted actress and singer.  Why someone so blessed with a talent that brings joy to millions of people would be so filled with rage at a single member of her audience is a mystery, especially since the pandemic has pretty much been revealed to have been foisted upon us by petty tyrants determined to sabotage the re-election of President Trump and to usher in the Great Reset.  The Great Reset is the long-standing dream planned by the WEF and meant to install a one-world, globalist government.  It is Maoist, Stalinist, decidedly communist.

One has to wonder what Patti Lupone would have to say if she were cast in South Pacific, Oklahoma, or Paint Your Wagon.  Those musicals are banned for being politically incorrect, which each of them brilliantly and delightfully is by today's ridiculous cancel culture dictates.  Which side of government control would she be on then?

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