Luxury beliefs and magical thinking

If you want two concepts that exemplify liberal thought processes, they are luxury beliefs and magical thinking.  There is nothing either luxurious or magical about either.

According to Cambridge academic Rob Henderson, permissive attitudes about sex, marriage, drugs, and religion are luxury beliefs.  He argues that those attitudes and beliefs are equivalent to buying and wearing expensive clothes or having servants.  The reality of those attitudes and beliefs is beyond the reach of the average working man or woman.  Dream as they might about someone to do the cleaning and cooking or owning an expensive fur coat or luxury car, those things are unlikely to occur.  Casual sex and drug use are not in their sphere of reality and, upon reflection, are not missed.

Magical thinking is best explained as believing that merely wishing something will make it so.  In truth, when you wish upon a star, you are likely to be disappointed.  If this were not the case, we would all be in possession of luxury beliefs and winning lottery tickets.

Luxury beliefs allow politicians like Nancy Pelosi to scoff at the thought of border walls while remaining safe and secure behind the walls of their estates.  Those beliefs embolden them and destroy any empathy or compassion for others, save for those who might benefit them politically or financially.  The unborn cannot vote, so abort them.  Migrants swarming unchecked across our nonexistent southern border may well be able to vote someday, so let's shower them with benefits and earn their eternal gratitude and votes.

Liberal tacticians, while adhering to their strategy of disarming the general population and eliminating their constitutional right to be armed, are in a quandary: how to explain that disarming the law-abiding while tacitly allowing the unlawful to remain armed might be depicted as a benefit desired by a disarmed majority.  Here is where magical thinking kicks in.

Those bumper stickers about prying guns from cold dead fingers, as well as any Clint Eastwood movie, are dismissed as fascist nonsense.  Wishing that sick and evil predators would cease shooting up our nation's schools surely would bring that result about.  After all, we passed a law and made a wish.

If we are to survive as a nation, those luxury beliefs and magical thinking need to be replaced with a belief in reality and rational thinking.  And it had better happen soon.

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