How many legs does a dog have?

George W. Julian was a Free-Soil Party congressman during Abraham Lincoln's terms as president.  According to Julian, during a discussion about issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln posed a particular riddle on how many legs a dog has (Lincoln actually said "calf," but it has come down to us as "dog"):

Abraham Lincoln faced with some thorny issue that could be settled by a twist of language, or a slight abuse of power, asks his questioner how many legs would a dog have, if we called the dog's tail, a leg. "Five," the questioner responds confident in his mathematical ability to do simple addition.

"No," Lincoln says. "Calling a dog's tail a leg, doesn't make it a leg."

The particulars of this story apply to today's society and the world in which we live.  Things and persons are what they are.  A tree is a tree.  You can call it a bush as often as you wish, but it is still a tree.  A fact is a fact.  You can wish it were something else, but it is still a fact.

Where am I going with this? you might ask.  Let me answer that for you.  Today, we are witnessing all too many delusional people who seem to think that if you call a man a woman, that makes him  a woman (or vice versa).  That just is not true.  I will agree that a person of either sex can dress and look like the opposite sex if he wishes, but that person is simply a transvestite, since there is no way any individual can alter the sex chromosomes with which he is born. 

Under normal conditions, a woman is born with two "X" chromosomes (XX), and a man is born with one "X" and one "Y" chromosome (XY).  It is the presence or absence of the "Y" chromosome that determines if the individual is either male or female, regardless of the number of "X" chromosomes.  There are instances where an individual can be born with two "X" and one "Y" chromosome (XXY).  This is called Klinefelter syndrome, and the individual is always a male.  Another abnormality results when an individual is born with one "X" chromosome and no "Y" chromosome (XO).  This is called Turner's syndrome, and the individual is always a female.  (There are several other combinations that have been reported but are irrelevant at this time.) 

The bottom line in all this is there just ain't no way you can change your chromosomes.  So all these so-called "progressives" (I refer to them as "regressives") who continually scream "follow the science!" will do so only if the science agrees with them. 

Strangely, however, I do not hear that scream when the topic of transgenderism comes up.  That is simply because science isn't on their side.  I believe that in this great country, any individual can dress any way he wants, can paint his face and color his hair however he chooses, can let it grow or cut it if he wishes.  That is everyone's right.  But people do not have the right to make me conform with their delusions, nor do they have the right to force me to agree with them.

Recently, in a Senate hearing, a pro-choice advocate, when asked whether a man can get pregnant and have an abortion, responded with a resounding yes!  How delusional can she be? 

I also find it very disturbing that a female candidate for the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, was unable (or unwilling) to define a woman.  She claimed that she is not a biologist.  Yet I'm sure that once on the Court, she will have to rule on cases that include women's rights.  Will she study up on biology before she rules?  I doubt if she will.  We all know that she tried to mislead the committee, but the "non-regressives" saw through her charade.

We are seeing increasing episodes of delusional people, some of whom are in powerful positions, calling good evil and calling evil good.  It is obvious, at least to me, that many in society, including some of the leaders of our great country, have been given over to a reprobate mind.  The major problem is that their depravity has the propensity to trickle down onto the rest of society.  And that is serious.

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