Maybe the secretary should talk to the people in the interior

The Biden Cabinet is made up of very interesting people.  Let's check out secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, regarding her visit to the U.S. Senate.

First, she shows no emotion about rising gasoline prices.  One would think she would have prepared for such an obvious question.  In other words, I would have expected her to say a thousand times that she feels the pain at the pump.  No, she responded with aloof answers about a "balanced approach," whatever that means.  I would think that most Americans would love an approach that tilts a bit in their direction — i.e., a drop in gas prices.

Second, she was confused when asked about the environmental impact of drilling there rather than here:

"Is it more environmentally friendly to develop and produce oil and gas" in the U.S. or in foreign countries, like Venezuela? 

Biden Interior Secretary: "I'm not an economist."

Thank God she was not asked to define "woman."

Miss Haaland is running the Department of Interior but does not have a clue about what people are experiencing in the interior or anywhere else.  How can any fair-minded person watch this and conclude that the Biden administration is connected to reality?

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Image: Moms Clean Air Force.

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