For our own good

When I was a kid, there were many decisions my parents made for me under the guise of "it's for your own good."  I was pressed to eat my vegetables, put my gift money in the bank for college, get home before dark, and dress nice for school (black clothes non-negotiable).  I was not always a happy camper then, but I realized once I got older that the dictates of my parents really were in my best interest.

Now there is an angry old man in the White House who believes that his damaging and unrealistic policies are for our own good.  Of course, his idea of what is best for us is in direct opposition of what would keep us healthy and happy.  Saving accounts savaged by a failing economy, rampant crime spreading throughout the country, an invasion at the border, and the prospect of multiple wars are all the result of his directives.  More and more Americans suffer, and Joe just doubles down on the hurt.  If his policies were really for our own good, he would not spend so much time on the tactics of placing blame and reframing the issues.  High gas prices are causing major budgeting woes for businesses and families, but instead of acting in our best interest, Old Joe uses both tactics by blaming Russia and then calling the crisis an incredible transformation.

The dwindling percentage of those who think the Bumbler-in-Chief is a compassionate healer and uniter are not paying attention to his cold and calculating reactions to our daily troubles.  His slow-on-the-uptake response to a shortage of baby formula, manufactured outrage against conservatives, confused and confusing responses to questions concerning our national security, and overreliance on messaging from a far-left, out-of-touch faction of his party reveal a man who is not looking out for our best interest.

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