Expectedly, Biden politicizes the Uvalde tragedy for his agenda

In the aftermath of the Uvalde tragedy, Biden asked, “When in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby and gun manufacturers?”

So I have some questions for Biden.

When in God's name are we going to stand up to prosecutors, supported by George Soros, who put career criminals back on the street? What about standing up to politicians who support the elimination of the bail system for violent perpetrators? What about judges who respond to heinous crimes with either soft or no sentence? How many times will law enforcement and mental health officials keep quiet and remain inactive as unstable people with known homicidal delusions are free to roam?

Career criminal Darrell Brooks, an openly racist Black man, plowed over 50 people – killing six – and most of the media, Biden, Merrick Garland, and other Democrats showed little interest because the rampage didn't fit the agenda of angry White supremacists.

Why was Brooks still on the street?

Just a few days ago, a killer randomly targeted Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enriquez, shooting him on the New York subway system. As it turns out, the suspected murderer Andrew Abdullah, was a frequent flier of the criminal justice system. Why was he on the street with a violent and extensive rap sheet? According to an NYPD official, "His criminal history stretches back to 2016. It includes charges of felony assault, robbery, attempted murder, and a still open gun charge from two years ago. Today a killer is off our street."

Or how about the shooter in Parkland? Nikolas Cruz? Again, known to authorities, who repeatedly ignored the red flags, and ultimately failed to stop him:

Friends, family and neighbors were worried about Nikolas Cruz. So were social workers, teachers and sheriff’s deputies in two counties.


The 19-year-old was the subject of dozens of 911 calls and at least two separate tips to the FBI. He also came to the attention of the Florida Department of Children and Families. Despite warning signs stretching back over a decade, no one intervened to stop the Valentine’s Day shootings.

When in God's name will we stop caving to teacher's unions who kept schools closed and greatly harmed the children? How many children were destroyed, whether physically, mentally, and/or financially because power-hungry politicians caved and shuttered the classroom?

When in God's name will we stop teaching children that “they and their classmates are either oppressors or oppressed based simply on the color of their skin”?

When in God's name will we stop scaring the children that we only have a few years left because we are destroying the Earth with our use of fossil fuels and because the population is too big? Is it any wonder so many children become depressed and want to kill themselves or others?

When in God's name will people stand up to the radical leftists in the “green” party and ask for scientific proof that fossil fuels and humans are destroying the planet?

When, in God's name will we stop people with a penis from competing against women in sports and exposing themselves in women's facilities?

When in God's name will we enforce the border and stop the human trafficking, gun-running, and all other criminal activity by the Mexican cartels? How many children have fallen victim to the drugs and the guns, and how many lives were destroyed because the Biden administration refuses to enforce the border? (Most of the media, Hollywood, and other Democrats don't care.) There is nothing humanitarian about open borders controlled by criminals.

When in God's name will we stop supporting the killing of the most vulnerable, no matter what stage of viability they are at? Isn't it racist to target black and brown babies in the womb because of their skin color? If not, why not?

Biden is now blaming inflation on an incredible transition as he supports the war on fossil fuels. I agree – we are in an incredible transition to intentionally destroy America. The intentional decimation of the middle class and small businesses is astonishing and it is all based on computer model theories instead of actual scientific data.

Everything Biden and the Democrats are doing, with the support of the complicit media, is to transfer power, money, and freedom from the people to the greedy government.

The Democrats are essentially the ultra-MAPA party. "Make America Poor Again" would be an appropriate slogan. If they ran on that slogan they would finally be telling the truth instead of spreading misinformation to interfere in elections.

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