A nightmare for Democrats in South Texas

As expected, the Texas 28 runoff was going to be close.  What I didn't expect was that it'd be 177 votes close.  Both sides are tweeting:   

Cisneros:  Thank you to every single voter that came out to support our campaign for #TX28. This election is still too close to call, and we are still waiting for every ballot and eligible vote to be counted.

Cuellar:  The votes are in, the margin will hold. We have won by 177 votes. 

The result is not official so this will go on a bit longer.  Perhaps a recount is coming.  Honestly, recounts don't normally change results.

Assuming he wins, and it looks like he did, Cuellar now faces the mother of all "bringing the party together" campaigns.  He is pro-life and gets a good report from the NRA.  He will have to convince all those Cisneros voters to give him a chance after a really nasty and personal campaign.

According to Texas Tribune:   

Whoever wins will ultimately face off against Republican Cassy Garcia, former U.S. Senate staffer, who won her own primary Tuesday night.

This once Democratic stronghold is now being labeled a “toss up” seat in the November general election, as Republicans turn their efforts toward South Texas domination. 

Cuellar won but he is likely to lose in November, another sign that South Texas is changing.

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Image: National Archives

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